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Youtubers that are pornstars

When it comes to social media and censorship, YouTube is one of the most conservative platforms.

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Some of these YouTubers are currently active in the adult entertainment industry and this blog, Mr. Porn Geek explores this area of intersection. You may be shocked to learn that some of these popular Youtubers became a star in more than one way. You can find which Youtubers who are active as adult entertainers and perhaps you will want to see them in their naked action instead of the usual blabber mouths some YouTubers are known for.

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If you are a frequent purveyor of the internet and all the charm that it entails, then you must have noted that you are increasingly relying on YouTube videos for your entertainment more than your TV. Perennial internet users aka millennials have brought a new breed of entertainers; Youtubers. These are [annoyingly] chatty online personas that have perfected the art of digital entertainment by producing short, attention span-seeking videos covering multiple fields including pranks, tutorials, workouts and what have you.

Here is a list of some of the YouTubers who have been linked with the porn industry by making adult content. There are high chances that you know this tricky Russian prankster. He is famous for his pranks, and the controversies and his YouTube channel has close to 10 million subscribers and a viewership of 1,, But in when he was yet to blow the internet, he did a porn shoot with Bang Bros featuring Diamond Kitty.

Who would have thought? Zuzka Light used to work as a model and soft-core porn actress going by Susanna Spears before she switched careers to be a YouTuber. Her star continues to shine thou despite her not so glorious past, and she is now a popular YouTuber whose channel, Body Rockhas generated over half a billion views.

She mostly deals with fitness and is also a gym instructor. Psycho Mom is this suburban type of mom who became famous when she was pissed off by her daughter for not listening to her, as a result of youtubers that are pornstars her phone and throwing it in the pool. She has since gained new levels of infamy by destroying electric guitars, Vans shoes, televisions and much more.

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Whether all of it is stage-managed is a different matter altogether. And to satisfy your curiosity, Psycho Mom also used to do porn in her heyday. You surely must know this guy. The video went viral, garnering four million views in two days.

However, what made people really start to notice Chris Crocker was when he announced that he had been ed by a gay porn director, Chi Chi LaRue. She describes herself as a colorful kitten with a thirst for cum, and although as a YouTuber she deals with ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and activities aimed at relaxing the viewers, you should know that Cherry Crush also used to webcam with her boyfriend and videos of her being fucked are all over. She is pretty damn cute, I must add, which is probably part of the reason her videos have garnered millions of views.

Mia Li actually started out as a webcam model before eventually becoming a fully-fledged adult performer. As a YouTuber, she has embraced the fact that she worked in this taboo industry with her YouTube channel offering insight into the adult film industry, relationships, and sex and body positivity. This is where you want to be if you want to satiate your curiosity about sexual proclivities and life as a sex worker from the horses own mouth. Jesse Rogers is another of those YouTubers who would pay anything to erase her porn past, but unfortunately, the internet never forgets.

The YouTube star who loves gaming, vlogging, and travelling lives a normal YouTuber life, but prior to her current career, she debuted in the porn industry in August barely days after her 18 th birthday. She retired in Decemberbut not before she portrayed Emma Bunton in an adult film parody- Spice Girls and featured in several other x-rated scenes.

Liz Katz may as well be the greatest cosplayer of her generation, something that has made her really popular as a YouTuber.

She is also into writing, acting, modeling and generally attracts the spotlight with pretty much whatever she does. So well curated is her image that when her first porn video was exhumed from the internet, she initially vehemently denied its existence. She has finally come to terms with her adult-related past where she used to call herself Risi Simms.

The major challenge has to do with advertisers refusing to run on channels whose owners have had a controversial past. There is also the issue of an immature and intolerant audience who demoralize such Youtubers through nasty comments and spams. Such people should use common sense and let others be whatever they wanna be.

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Top Premium Porn Sites Which YouTubers have done porn? Author: PornDudeobsessed with porn and creator of PornDude. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. Zuzka Light. Psycho Mom. Chris Crocker.

Cherry Crush. Mia Li. Jesse Rogers.

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Liz Katz. Which country produces the most porn? Which celebrities did porn before they became famous? Which slaves were lucky enough to fuck Lady Sonia anally? Do you have what it takes to become the next big porn star? Have you seen Minecraft porn yet?