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Yorna: monster girls secret walkthrough

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Yorna: monster girl’s secret guide

You need to find fire essence. Ayane the kitsune from the pine forest gives you a vague its location - the desert.

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Bring it to her. After taming the fire crystal, Ayane will guide you to the snowy mountains to the East of her forest.

Yorna: monster girl's secret

Taming the fire essence will allow Ada to ignore the cold and proceed further to get the air crystal. I had a question, I can't exactly find the air essence in the snowy area.

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Could you help please? Defeat Idris the Raiju in the mountains to get it. She's in the Northern part of the zone.

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Well, what's the problem? Go to Ice Peaks zone, move through the cave and into the open map with the healing statue.

Yorna: monster girl's secret

Get inside the cave right beside it and voila. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games.

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Yorna: monster girl’s secret guide

Yeehaw Games 2 years ago. Genesectking 1 year ago. Yeehaw Games 1 year ago. Genesectking 1 year ago 2 edits. The thing is, I dont know how to get to her. May you tell me that? Genesectking 1 year ago 1 edit. Deleted post 1 year ago. Deleted 1 year ago.

This seems weird. Zip your save folder and send it to me - I'll check it out. Because if that's the case then I'm just dumb and can't find my way through. Yes, it is. Save files will allow me to check for potential bugs.

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