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Xtube reviews

Hi guys I'm going to share my experience with xtube has been too good the kind of content I have is like more fetish but the traffic is more focused on giving a content for men I've been sharing a few months with the and he's sold more videos currently. The support of the is fast very direct. I also went to an event where this xtube is present and the person in charge received me with open arms and gave me some tips to sell more content.

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This free tube site belongs to the PornHub network, so you know there's an abundance of porn here. It's one of the least popular webs on the network with a creation date of that, for some reason, has as many gay as of regular porn. The first impressions will be limited to advertising placements all over your PC screen. Not just annoying on a sidebar, media player, in the middle of video listings, but bottom too. I was unlucky with my first video which ruined the xTube network for me. So far, so good, right?

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Year Launched. Payment Methods. They have a lot of videos in their collections. A well-arranged feature that makes it easy to navigate. Some videos cost only a couple cents to watch - I like that concept.

Xtube review

Their videos have more disgusting sex scenes than any other. Poor-quality videos.

Force-fed gay videos. Overview Site like Reviews Video Review. Website Year Launched Payment Methods. Xtube what the fuck happened to you? This may end up becoming one of the most annoying porn platforms in the porn industry you have ever seen. Without menacing words, we deem it fit to categorically state that x tube porn xtube reviews videos suck!

With all the low-quality pictures and stuff - homemade mostly, it ends up making the whole thing look so appalling. Well… Do not expect so much from this Xtube review because there is absolutely nothing good about x-tube. We may try to selvage one or good things, but know this, xtube porn videos suck and not just because of the gay shit - I'm not a homophobe, just a germaphobe! We will be touching a few parts like the features,and some few things about the annoying video catalog.

An Insight on Tube.

Similar porn tube sites like xtube

Only then will you automatically see the straight stuff. Even then, there are one or two gay videos inserted. And the popular Amateurs side have women who look weird or on drugs. Some of them are cool with phat asses and such, and there hundreds of videos of each amateur.

That's a good thing! You know me, I can go on and on. But a lot of these have a lot of dicks in them. I never saw no shit like that. In fact, the category 'My Cock' speaks for it's damn self. On that home is a lot of gay videos, man. I'm not type of gay-bashing dude but when you['re trying to force-feed the stuff to potentially 'turn people out' on a straight porn site is a bit misleading.

The straightest-looking man you'll ever see. And these are REAL homemade videos made by real dudes.

What do you want to do?

Mere looking at the site itself it makes you hate sex in general, be it gay or hetero kinda sex. Some of the videos are jacked from high-end websites but others are just plain weird jacked from unknown websites. Take AmateurEuro. Never heard of them. Based on the looks of the women there, I know Germany can do better.

What xtube looks like

Don't tell me that Adolf Hitler got yall fucked up like that out there. Starting from its unsorted sex videos, to the poor if not poorest of video arrangement, what you have here is a combination of confused arrangement. The video tags are on TOP of the video - never saw that before.

Some of those that have that fetish thing going on seem kind of absurd by the way. As par the features, there are few features created to complement their annoying platform, some of them includeup, video search, social media, e. You can use these features to find specific content. I would say this site is a great place to find new porn xtube reviews. Some are classified as premium. Owner of the website let me talk to ya right quick. You know damn well no one is gonna pay to watch this droopy-titty cracked-out-looking old woman.

I can't even watch the trailer without ing up for a premium. I see two centers at the bottom of the videos, I assume that is how much it costs and xtube reviews how much it's worth. I know you're all about that money, but dang, give the people something more than a thumbnail.

The tens of videos that made it to the site daily come from members and visitors on the site, thus, they are not professionally done.

What we like

Xtube video lack everything HD, meaning you can hardly find anything HD quality on the site. That has to be a maximum of p, and I'm being generous. Again, x tube porn xtube reviews also come in DVD format, meaning you can download and watch full-length sex videos, and of course not without a lot of gay and transsexual shit packed in that section.

It seems these guys have something going on with PornHub; a kind of arrangement or something. The only place you get to pay for stuff is when you are about to purchase their DVD videos or using their XPlus section.

X Tube Affiliate Program Fortunately, you can still make some money through the x tube porn platform via their affiliate program. But we keep wondering, why will one choose to invite anybody here in the first place? It seems there are more people with a teste for bullshit after all.

I was I was wrong in all my assertions. Their Twitter handle has over 98k followers, while their YouTube section records over 2k subscribers. Indeed, a lot of people have an appetite for bullshit! This is XTube premium membership section.

#1. about xtube

If you wish to register on this xtube. We think the problem with this platform is when they open their doors for the public to whatever trash they had there. Porn platforms like Tube8 and YouPorn have similarities with xtube, but they have better coordination.

Poor-quality videos Force-fed gay videos. Sites like Xtube. Hottest Leaked Babes. CamBro TV. Share Your Review.

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