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What happened to

Jul 16th, 13 Popular Sites Like Asstr We've researched the web and discovered several high-quality stories and sex sites like Asstr. Take a look and uncover other sites that complement Asstr.

naked miss June

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What is my age: 28
Available for: I prefer gentleman
Tone of my eyes: Dark brown
My gender: Woman
What I like to listen: Blues
My piercing: None
My tattoo: None

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All rights reserved. First time I am hearing about this website. For me, after I've Googled site, it keeps loading. And it's still loading.

Jul 16th,

To be understood is to prostitute oneself. It's been on its last legs for better than a decade. I'm honestly shocked someone has been paying the bills for as long as they have.

I'm an old Usenet hound so actually read some of it in its original form on alt. Was always a bit of a s-show though, quality wise. Probably why I prefer moderated story sites likes this now.

Need I say more? This saddens me to no end Before the story sites, there was this all the way back to the 90s. I wouldn't have started writing had it not been for that site. I know it's been dying for ages, but ugh Ensnared: Ropes and knots tie and bond a couple and their divergent needs A shibari flash story! Stepsibling Rivalry: What happens when the success of a stepbrother makes a bitch of stepsister jealous with his success in later life?

She plots revenge What taboos will she break to ruin his life? A Lush Recommended Read! Turning Stephanie Insatiable: Chapter 1, Chapter 2: When a status obsessed stuffy mom sees a friend fucking a much younger man, will she ever be able to control her desires again? I thought nah, there's no way they'd show for that on Google.

Clicked on it. Clicked off it. You could post pretty much any garbage you liked on the alt.

We've researched the web and discovered several high-quality stories and sex sites like asstr. take a look and uncover other sites that complement asstr.

Glad it is gone, but its existence shouldn't surprise or shock anyone who entered that world back in its heyday. So someone got their hands on the domain and used it for their own purposes? Glad I never knew of it until the OP brought the site up. Mushroom wrote: Actually, it was moderated. However, there was no moderation for content or quality.

Simply to keep the obvious commercial spam out. And 25 years or so ago, it was how most of us published our works. Sites like this came along much later, and did not exist at that time. However, it is interesting as an archive. And shows what the early erotica was like when many of us made the first jump from BBS systems to the Internet. And a lot of us who later became more well known started there.

Anne Douglas being one of the most well known. Posted: Wednesday, March 17, PM. Does any one know why asstr. Posted: Thursday, March 18, AM. Posted: Saturday, April 17, PM. Posted: Sunday, April 18, AM. This makes me want to vomit Posted: Sunday, April 18, PM. It was an archive of posts from an unmoderated Usenet group so no shock there. The site is back up same as it ever was - they were probably just having technical difficulties.

Authors are given directories of the main domain to publish their work on. That link above takes you to one such directory. Edit: Sorry, misunderstood your post about it being a Usenet Group scrape. Thought you were talking specifically about the I mentioned. Posted: Tuesday, May 4, PM. Actually, it was moderated.

Sites like asstr

ASSTR was only assm. Thought it archived the whole ASS hierarchy??

It's been a long time since I have bothered with the place, though, so memory is probably faulty. A good place to get your post count up!

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