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Virtual date with keeley walkthrough

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I also wrote a new bonus scene which is unlocked if you get all 12 achievements. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Download : You must be registered to see the links. Walkthrough Virtual Date with Keely.

Reactions: MetalWarrior27Eradawnxcrash and 28 others. Rythan25 Well-Known Member. Feb 20, 2, 5, Man I remember this game! Keeley is my favorite Tlaero chick! Reactions: Rondrian.

Virtual date with keeley game walkthrough

Aug 23, 2 0. Great work. Thank you. Deleted member Guest Guest.

Virtual date with keeley endings

May 10, 1, 5, Reactions: Mark17 and junior Jun 2, Reactions: ShawnB. ShawnB New Member. Feb 22, 9 4. I'm stuck too! Bantry Well-Known Member. Oct 24, 3, 8, ShawnB said:. Mar 14, 16 Very nice!

I love tlaero games. Although I prefer some of her more recent work this one brings back good memories. Thanks for this! JamesStulk New Member.

Virtual date with keeley endings walkthrough virtual date with jen

Aug 15, 8 0. If you wana do it just do it.

You don't need our permission. You know the best course of action. Jan 17, This was one of the best game in the very old times.

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It's relatively short, and you can construe the four event into one chain of events, one after the other. Tdius Active Member. Feb 20, Tdius said:. Wizzzz Newbie. Sep 9, 46 8.

Sorry for unearthing this thread but after all this time, no one bothered to make a complete walkthrough this game is just the fusion of "Virtual Date with Keeley" for which there is a walkthrough in the op and "Daydreaming with Keeley" for which I didn't find any even on sharklagoon so here is a complete one. Reactions: oszapo Tlaero Active Member Game Developer. Nov 24, 1, Blast from the past!

And, this is strangely topical since we're working on "Life Changes for Keeley" now.

Virtual date with keeley endings

Reactions: AmanRocky and Wizzzz. Tlaero said:. I checked recently, and the first time I posted something I was working on was May 2nd, So, yeah, I've literally been doing this for a decade. Thank you for playing, Wizzzz!

Daydreaming with keeley walkthrough

Reactions: AmanRocky. Show hidden low quality content.

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