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Useless superheroes

In a reality where writers can make any quirky doofus throw on some tights and call themselves a superhero, creating great characters is pretty hit or miss. You have your greats like Superman and Wonder Woman, but you could also fill an entire New York borough with the losers.

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There are countless superheroes with different superpowers that make Marvel Universe so interesting. But not every superhero was a hit. Throughout their journey, they obviously made a few flop, boring superheroes, or we can say less-than-super-heroes. But these misfires helped them in analyzing their way, creating a perfect superhero universe. His headpiece is electrified but wearing an oversized furry helmet that limits mobility and peripheral vision is not so advantageous.

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Marvel Comics has created some of the greatest heroes in modern history. Fans have thrilled to the adventures of these great guardians of good for over 80 years now and Marvel is one of the most powerful creative forces around.

10 most useless superheroes in the marvel universe

The company's heroes boast the most successful movie franchise of all time, cementing the House of Ideas as the home of great heroes. Of course, for every great hero, there are some who, well, aren't so great. In fact, when it comes right down to it, there are a lot of heroes who are pretty much completely useless. This list is going useless superheroes take a look at those heroes -- the most useless heroes of the Marvel Universe.

Triathlon is a weird case. He's basically a revamp of an old Marvel concept: the 3-D Man. He was first introduced in one of the greatest Avengers runs of all time, the Kurt Busiek - George Perez run of the late 90s. He kind of has a lot going for him, which is why it's such a shame that he's completely useless. Basically, his powers are his physical abilities and are three times as great as a normal human. There's actually a lot of potential there for greatness, but no one could ever make the character work.

The most worthless superheroes ever

Now, usually, putting a team right here would be cheating, however, no one Slinger is any less useless than the others and they are so uninteresting. There's no point in giving them separate entries. Basically, Spider-Man once wore four different suits of armor because of something to do with people finding out his identity, then ditched those armored personas and they were taken up by new people.

They got their own series and no one cared. The armors have bounced around between bearers over the years and no one cared either. The end.

Her powers are those of a fly. She can fly and regurgitate out acid, which she uses both for digestive and offensive ends. She's actually a very cool character, but not much of a hero. Her powers can be used offensively, be she wasn't given very useless superheroes heroic to do for just about any of her superheroic career. Plus, she became a parent with the next person on the list and that put a damper on her superheroism. Beak was also introduced during Grant Morrison's seminal New X-Men run and actually got a really good hero's journey out of the whole thing.

His whole mutation was just that he was a human chicken and the character experienced a huge amount of growth over the run.

He's a great character. Unfortunately, he's also pretty useless as a superhero.

His powers are not at all offensive and he mostly just got beat up. Great character, though.

Counted down: the top 10 weakest superheroes of all time

Battling Bantam is a guy dressed as a chicken. He also has superhuman strength and durability. He was a boxer who underwent an augmentation to give him superpowers by a Miami crime lord. With Captain America's help, he beat up everyone who was against him. That's pretty much the extent of anything interesting he did.

After this, he would make sporadic appearances of no impact around the Marvel Universe until he was killed in a Civil War tie-in book. Okay, calm down.

The Hulk is not a useless character in the Marvel Universe. He's a very interesting character and is a great character study for what happens when an abused person is given the power to turn their rage outward on the world. However, strictly as a hero, the Hulk is super duper useless. The problem with the Hulk is that when he's dumb, he just rams around and causes trouble and when he's smart, he kind of doesn't care about the world at all. He's not a heroic character and usually, any good stuff he does is pretty much a useless superheroes. Let's be real, Star-Lord is useless.

Ever since the movie revitalized interest in the character, the comics made him into a clone of the Chris Pratt version of the character. This version of the character is entertaining, but useful in a fight? Not so much. Without the rest of the Guardians of the GalaxyStar-Lord would be a goner.

While the MCU characterization works for a certain thing, it doesn't work very well for someone who has to pull their own weight on a team and that's how Star-Lord is played nowadays -- a quipping man-child who gets by because of his more talented peers. Cypher has sort of become a big deal in the X-Men universe lately. His mutant powers are one of the things that have made the nation of Krakoa possible, but they don't lend themselves very well to being a superhero. He has the ability to understand any language, be it spoken or not.

While this makes him a great one for a support role, it doesn't really help against enemies. He's been bonded with the techno-organic being Useless superheroes in the past to make up for this, but when it comes right down to it, putting Cypher on the front lines of a fight is the height of foolishness.

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The leader of the Fantastic FourMister Fantastic is useless. Everyone knows it.

He's on a team with a person who controls fire, useless superheroes super-strong rock monster that can fight the Hulk, and a woman who can control invisible energy. All he can do is stretch and he has the audacity to call himself "Mister Fantastic". Sure, he's very smart and makes up for his deficiencies as a hero with his scientific prowess, but he's easily the most useless member of the Fantastic Four and seeing as how his existence has made one of the most dangerous and intelligent men in the world, Doctor Doominto the team's arch-enemy, he's painted a huge target on the back of his family.

Counted down: the top 10 weakest superheroes of all time

Also, all those years of negging his wife. Ah, Dr. Here's how useless Dr. Druid is: he was originally called Dr. Drood and was a Stan Lee creation that was so uninteresting to him, he forgot that he created him and when it came time to create a new magic-user, he made Doctor Strange. Druid would be brought back with a changed name and is completely a bargain-basement version of Doctor Strange. Eventually, he would be mind-controlled by the villainess Ravenna, become leader of the Avengers reallyand then die. David Harth has been reading comics for close to 30 years.

He writes for several websites, makes killer pizza, goes to Disney World more than his budget allows, and has the cutest daughter in the world. He can prove it. By David Harth Published Jun 10, Share Useless superheroes Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists marvel comics marvel avengers. Marvel: The 10 Weakest Superhero Teams.