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Tumblr dominant male

Welp i am certainly not the only one to inform you of everything going on with tumblr. But with nsfw going down its time to pack up and clean out.

foxy housewives Alondra

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Ive been thinking this evening about the ebb and flow of a scene, although I suppose these thoughts could apply to BDSM relationships in general. I see a lot of posts regarding hardcore pain play, edge play and things of that nature. To ignore the soft and the sensual is to deny oneself what could be an exquisite scene.

What is my age: 18
Eyes: Clear hazel eyes
I know: French
What I prefer to drink: White wine
In my spare time I love: Mountain climbing
Smoker: No

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After I got out, I would use my hairbrush to spank my pussy and get it nice and tender. When no touch is up, I would edge my needy pussy one more time. Then I would take the wooden spoon to my pussy. I would give myself strokes on the outside as a warm up, then strokes on my inner lips, nice and slow so that they swell. If I missed one, I would start over until I can get through all 50 without missing once.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Then, I would ask Daddy for permission to cum. If not, I would sit and hold my aching pussy spread wide open for him for ten full minutes before not being allowed to touch for the rest of the night.

Then flip me over and spank my pussy until I beg to have my already red and bruising butt beat again. Tie me up and edge me. Edge me until I have trouble remembering my own name.

Edge me until even the gentlest touch on my clit brings me right back to the edge again. Then, torture my clit.

Whip it, spank it, poke it, bite it, pull it, pinch it, scrub it, burn it. I change my mind all the time and the more excited I am to get them or the hornier I am, the bigger I want.

Occasionally they would grope my tits and ass, shove a finger in my mouth to suck on, slide their hands down my panties to edge me slapping me if I make a noiseor even pull out their cocks to worship. If they get frustrated during the game they can take it out on me, spanking me or slapping me or spitting on me. Regardless of if their team wins or not, it would end in me getting fucked so hard it ruins my makeup and leaves me exhausted and shaky on the floor.

Reading the comments calling her fake or plastic, laughing at how ridiculous she looks, or seeing dirty old men describe how they want to use her…. Some of the looks will be lust. Others will be disgust.

Written on their face is what they think of me: cheap, pathetic, desperate, trash. Source: pretty-little-playtoy.

Daddy has a dark side

Laugh at me as I cum from all the pain. Source: ashereden.

Reading the comments calling her fake or plastic, laughing at how ridiculous she looks, or seeing dirty old men describe how they want to use her… I just imagine all the attention my big silicone tits and pumped up filler will get me. And I chose to do it to myself.

Dominant gentleman

Source: i-love-fake. You too, send your quotes. Source: chokedbarbie.