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Trials in tainted space gray prime

We apologize for the inconvenience. Gray Prime is a unique gray goo that can be found on Deck 13, acting as the final boss of Anno's recruitment quest.

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Gray Prime is a unique gray goo that can be found on Deck 13acting as the final boss of Anno 's recruitment quest. This glistening gray goo-girl isn't like her sisters. Tall, well-built, and realistically proportioned, she's almost human. The gray goo has modeled herself on a human woman, with a long ponytail and a hefty shirt-straining rack that bounces with every step she takes.

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A suit of armor constructed from a gray goo girl - created from the vat of gray goo after successfully completing the Deck 13 mission and choosing to help Captain Morrow with cybernetic bodies. Your busty, bouncing resident bodysuit of goo. Of all the things, there's a gray goo-girl bouncing around the bar, her eyes saucer-like and full of wonder as she stares at the myr and other aliens. She can be created after asking Anno about a Nova Update. Captain Steele will receive a data chit and can return to Deck 13 to Make Goo.

The goo-girl created will be eager for companionship and ask Steele to name her. Alternatively, if Tarkus has been destroyed, the goo girl can later be found and acquired at the Golden Peaks tavern on Myrellion.

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She will be named "Nova", noting ties to her origins, and she will drop by Steele's ship when she is ready. Upon first creating this unique gray goo girl on Deck 13Captain Steele is able to give her a name that is less than 14 characters long.

If she is not created encountered on Myrellionshe adopts the name "Nova" instead.

When worn as armor, the goo girl will provide extra combat actions. If she is ever sold or dropped, it is possible to find her again randomly in bars as a roaming encounter, where she can be re-recruited if desired. In addition to being a source of armor, Captain Steele can interact with the goo in various ways:.

Steele can ask Nova to Heal any wounds if she has unlocked this ability. The success of the goo clone will depend on the suit's armor- too low a defense and she will refuse to use the ability. The goo armor has a couple sex scenes, available during masturbation :.

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In addition to being armor, Steele may be able to ask the gray goo to change, altering both her visual and mechanical properties. The options will progressively unlock each time the goo girl has learned a new ability.

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These unique scenes will activate depending on what level Steele is and where Steele decides to Talk to her. Her customization menu will change depending on whether the goo armor is being worn or is stored in the inventory.

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Gray Goo Armor associated with the Ghost deck quest. Nova's concept of a sentient armor with a goo girl living inside of it is very reminiscent of Valeria from "Corruption of Champions". From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki. menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Discussion.

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Nova's default bust, by Adjatha. Steele can ask Nova to change: Her own appearance when not worn.

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The StylePatternand Emblem of the suit when worn purely vanity changes. Nova is in inventory Wearing swimsuit or swimwear without extra layers. Steele can ask Nova to change into a Swimsuit when worn, under the suit's Style. As a swimsuit, the suit's defense is decreased by 2 and cannot display an emblem.

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Nova is in inventory Nova has learned morphing ability Wearing airtight armor. Steele can ask Nova to create a Helmet when worn, which equips during combat. With a helmet, the suit's defense is decreased by 2. Helmet is removed when the suit is a swimsuit. Nova is equipped as armor Has Thermal Pack in inventory. Nova is in inventory Has at least 10 containers of gray goo stored in inventory. Steele can ask Nova to Heal any wounds.

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Heals up to 50 HP with a 1-hour cool down period. The suit's defense is deceased by 2 for 24 hours after each request.

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Nova is in inventory Wearing any armor that exposes a body part All other upgrades obtained. The suit's defense is decreased by 2 and sexiness increased by 1 for each part being exposed.

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Nova is either equipped or in inventory Janeria is defeated. Nova's Bonus Shields is increased by 50 0 to Nova can use percentages of her absorbed juices to function as a full nursedroid.