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Stumbleupon for adults

Where is StumbleUpon? You might have heard recently that StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon announced the change in this letter to their usersthanking them for the past years and announcing their new website Mix.

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Unlike other social media sites, StumbleUpon started out as a toolbar that would show you random s based on what tags you had indicated an interest in. Since people never really know what they are going to see through the toolbar, StumbleUpon uses a helpful preference option that allows you to filter what level content you wish to be shown.

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Are you wondering what happened to StumbleUpon? Sixteen years after it started, StumbleUpon has called it quits. It ceased operations forever on June 30, But don't worry, there are still some StumbleUpon alternatives that let you find interesting web s with the click of a button. One of the internet's premier discovery engines, StumbleUpon randomly showed s liked by others. You could endlessly click the Stumble button till you found something that piqued your interest.

Social networks have made it easier to discover articles, videos, or other links that you find interesting.

Best stumbleupon alternatives for time-wasting

But if you want a little bit of that randomness back into your life, there are a few choice sites and apps for that too. In a Medium postStumbleUpon co-founder Garrett Camp said they were encouraging current users to move to their new platform, Mix. Mix even lets you import all your current StumbleUpon favorites, interests, and tags.

Browse around and you'll find that Mix is like an organized version of StumbleUpon. The web's best links are curated in one place and presented in your dashboard, based upon your interests.

Click a button and the link is added to your Collection, which you can read later on your mobile. The only thing missing is StumbleUpon's feeling of randomness and serendipity. Mix apparently has mobile apps for Android and iOS, but I couldn't get either of them to work.

That said, the site works perfectly on a mobile browser, so there's hardly anything that an app is going to add to that. So turn the site into an app and use Mix freely. StumbleUpon and others like it have always been about interesting links. Utility was never the focus, it was more about passing some time in an entertaining way.

Discuvver focuses on useful websites exclusively but adds StumbleUpon's randomness to it. Click the "Take me to a useful website" button on the home to open a new tab with a random website in it. You can click that button as many times as you want.

Discuvver doesn't seem to run out of suggestions, so go nuts and find some of the most useful websites you didn't know about. Just remember to keep the Discuvver site open in one tab because there isn't a button on each new you visit.

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You'll always have to go back to the main site to get that button. This also means Discuvver is a better experience on desktops than mobiles. TV is a neat way to check out some of those interesting videos that you normally wouldn't come across on YouTube. Like StumbleUpon, it is completely random, but you can set a few parameters.

For example, you can set how short or long you want the video to be, with a maximum runtime of four minutes.

Similarly, you can set how many times the video has already been viewed, so that you can even get some of the weirdest and least viewed YouTube clips. You can also filter by YouTube. And of course, there are a few tags of the most popular types of videos, but I'd stay away from those. The true randomness of Stumbl.

Why did stumbleupon shut down?

TV is more fun. Learn the keyboard shortcuts too for a better leanback experience.

For a truly random experience, URL Roulette is the place to go. It's one of the best time-wasting sites when you're bored. It's a give-and-take experience.

The best 8 sites and apps like stumbleupon: what to do now that it’s gone

Here's how it works. Go to URL Roulette and paste any interesting link you know of. The site will immediately take you to another such link submitted by someone else. By the time you finish with that, you'll be ready for another.

So again, paste an interesting link and get one more. It's the same randomness of StumbleUpon, but this time, you feel a part of the community.

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If you want a quick list of URLs, subscribe to the newsletter or check out the latest issue. There, you will find the week's top 10 submitted URLs, so it's an easy way to get 10 cool clicks without having to submit something for each one. The best successor for StumbleUpon comes from Reddit, with a name that has an unfortunate expletive in it. The community at IAF shares links of all kinds, whether it's a video, an image or GIF, an article, or a whole website.

Sort them by latest or top posts, go for the more controversial ones, or browse in any pattern you want. You won't be disappointed with the collection here, as the moderators do a great job of regulating the quality of posts here. Unfortunately, there isn't a true randomizer here, but given how regularly IAF gets updates, you won't need it.

And as always, you can also use Reddit's "Random" button to find interesting things. StumbleUpon's greatest gift was the joy of time-wasting. You kept clicking away at that button and finding things that are weird, wacky, and downright pointless. While it's not the same, these sites offer similar silly pointlessness. Wondering which Windows 10 apps to uninstall?

Here are several unnecessary Windows 10 apps, programs, and bloatware you should remove. Mihir Patkar has been writing on technology and productivity for over 14 years at some of the top media publications across the world. He has an academic background in journalism. Share Share Tweet. Mihir Patkar Articles Published. Subscribe to our newsletter our newsletter for tech tips, reviews, free ebooks, and exclusive deals! Expand to Read Full Story.