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Space paws guide

There is also a time limit of 60 days.

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Space Paws is a flash game, a mix between point'n'clickvisual novel and dating simwith furry content [1]produced by Taifun Riders [2]. In this game, a human male protagonist wakes up with amnesia in a cryopod aboard a spaceship, which is currently in a planetary system of four planets, each belonging to one race: catddogsfoxes and Lacertans reptiles. Due to mankind's unsustainable model of production, our planet Terra has been running out of its main resources. Furthermore, the chemical composition of the air started showing an irreversible increase of toxic elements that will lead to a new global mass extinction. The scientists' estimations indicate that this massive extenction is set to begin in years.

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I can't get past Nebet's story because I have already found the bracelet and given it to Rosalyn How do I get it again? Do you know your hidden name meaning?

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This my guide for the 1. Combine this to FecalMatter's guide above.

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the points now in Fibonacci's order. Coach of Lovers: no matter what option you choice, no H-sense. Whistle Rock: no matter what option you choice, no H-sense. Silent Fields: choose furthest tree of the left. Password is WIND. No matter what option you choice, no H-sense. Tie people up. I was a fucking party pooper. Air has particles that acts like sex pheromones. Wind goes around the mountains. There was a white noise. A virgin. Forth ending. When you fixed the boiler, he will give you Vyl's glove.

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Go around, talk to somebody, like cowboys lizzard, Few talk then H-sense. You can find her at her home after work time.

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But the second time you meet her is nightmare have H-sense if you choose "do any thing with her" so OK because she too crazy, you won't ever meet her again. Bar: some talk, then nothing. The Green zone: some talk, then nothing. Some talk then the fight began. You have to do this date again. Sulphur Dioxide. They are free people, not very appreciated. You want to give your race a new home. For accepting the post, they should come with me. She's a splendid scientist. She will easily become a Srah.

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You aren't being honest with me nor with yourself. The different is the ending cutscenes will change defend on which planet you vist with her, and they add the fifth door chapter 5.

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To open this fifth door, from begining, find 1 key in two door on the right, then 2 key with the lock door in two door on the left. Hey friends, this listed endings are not the High-ending :-P The real Ending is called "united".

Instead you should waste 2 Days in your bed and after them, in the morning, Alison wakes you up, Voila, the best Ending is starting ;-. Tuesday, July 18, Space Paws Guide v0. Space Paws is an adult dating sim currently in progress by Taifun Riders, which you can download the newest available public version at their website.

If you want to play it online instead and not have the risk of having your stash found by someone, you can find it on wetpussygames in the near future.

But either way, I suggest supporting them on their Patreon. I am not affliated with them at all; I'm just a fan that enjoys this game. Space Paws is a fairly straightforward game, but some things can be difficult in the game, especially when you have a raging boner that is potentially making your IQ drop. Taifun Riders also has a walkthough for their latest patron-only version. But to my knowledge no such thing exists for v0. You can find this information scattered through the internet; I gathered this information through Newgrounds and YouTube comments.

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You could always ask Taifun Riders themselves on the website or on the forums that they participate in, but from what I've seen, they are more inclined to give hints rather than the answers straight up, and I understand that. It feels great to solve something on your own. On the flipside, working on something you just can't solve for a long time can be frustrating, especially considering the strict requirements of the Easter Eggs. Although I personally don't care much about spoilers, I'll try to make this as spoiler-free as I can, so let's get into this.

EDIT: Added final stat requirements for those that want to do all their training before anything else. Okay, start the game. name when it prompts you to remember it. After some text, you now have 40 days of free time, but it doesn't count day End Day 39 space paws guide you get Demo Ending 3, but you shouldn't get to that point; there's more than enough time. Now let's take a look at everything that you have that'll help you through the game: The menu, the spaceship icon, and the blue box.

The menu on the top right of the screen has three options: Home, Save, and Exit. The home button takes you to the home menu and gives you an option to save before. The save button saves the game duh and you have six save files available to you.

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The Exit button closes the game and also gives you an option to save beforehand. Space paws guide have to do at least two playthroughs to experience all the content currently available, so take that into. Clicking the spaceship icon at the top will take you to the main hallway of the spaceship from anywhere.

On the top left of the screen, you have a blue box that shows what day you are on, how much energy you have left for the day, and a button to check the rest of your stats. You start with energy every day that you wake up in your room. Almost everything you can do uses up energy, including talking to people, so you'll need to manage your time properly This game in its current state can be finished in half of the time limit if you do everything properly and depending on which route you go on.

I won't tell you what to do with your free time, but I will tell you any requirements that require you to have done something in your free time to progress, such as stat checks more on that later. Now let's check your stats with the green button in the blue box.

You can also see your items and relationship with the three heroines currently available, but that's mostly just for show. Anyway, back to your stats. They essentially don't do anything other than get you past the various stat checks throughout the game. What I mean by this is that certain options that you have are blocked off unless you have enough of a particular stat.

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This may lock you out of H-scenes, so pay attention. You can train your stats in the spaceship.

Go to the main hallway. In the left bottom-most room, you have your room. Here you can advance the day thus refilling your energy as well as train your Charm mirror, 30 energy and Strength weights, 50 energy. I urge you not to end your day when you have energy unless you have nothing else to do on any planet. In the left middle room is the library. Here, you can train your Knowledge bookshelf, 40 energy.

Now let's talk about training your stats. When you select one of the training tools, you're given an option between regular training and doing your best.

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Doing your best takes you to a minigame that requires you to traverse a maze with your mouse to collect stat points 8 max without the mouse touching any of the walls. Regular training skips the minigame at the cost of not giving as many points just 3.

Space paws (final version)

The mazes are all fairly easy, so I don't recommend ever doing regular training. That's about it for what you can do with your free time. Let's get onto the planets.

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You can access them from the cockpit by clicking on the control panel at the front. The blueish planet le to the medieval planet not the official name and the brownish planet le to the desert planet also not the official name.

I will tell you when that happens. The game also warns you, but it is possible that the message arrives too late. For now, let's just see what we can do on the medieval planet. Here you can interact with three people, two of them being required for all routes.