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Sins of the father oblivion

Wait a few days after returning the brothers to Weatherleah, then head to Chorrol and walk around.

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Approximately two days after helping the Jemane brothers in Legacy Lost you will be contacted by a Dunmer thief named Fathis Ules. You need to be in Chorrol for the quest to be initiated. Fathis explains that the Jemane brothers' father, Albert Jemane, once worked for him as a professional thief.

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Community. Topic: Thieves Guild mission ''sins of a father''. Options: Share Print subscribe. Wiki s Thieves Guild. If you give it to Fathis Ules you only get gold not worth in my eyes go for the Escutcheon of chorrol if u did need money it would get you more!

Oblivion:sins of the father

This isn't a thieves guild mission. It is an optional side quest. This is important because you don't have to the thieves guild in order to get the best shield in the game. I understand where you got the idea though The fauther of the two brothers was a theif and one of the options to turn the reward into is a theif. Who you turn it into will not hurt your standing with the thieves guild.

As you said the best option is to turn in the sword to the castle chorrol. It gives you the best shield in the game.

The sheilds stats you listed were for a character that is at least level Note that there is another quest to tell the brothers about the swords final turn in. This nets you something less important, but it is still something you can get as a reward for this quest.

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Oblivion:sins of the father

Red Dead Redemption 2. Ryse: Son of Rome. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Wiki s Thieves Guild Hello me once again im wondering witch is the person to give the honorblade of chorrol retrieved from the ogre cheiftan in redguard vally cave.

I love the itea of giving it back to chorrol but dont want to miss out on a pritty penny of gold for pride!