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Sim day and night get jiggy

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Sim: Day and Night is a life simulation Flash game, developed by Gijs Besselink and released in Apart from broad similarities, it's unrelated to The Sims series of games. The game's somewhat comparable to the first Stick RPG game. Both games feature an unnamed player trying to work his way up the societal ladder in unnamed small towns with unsavoury people.

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However, there's no backstory as to how the protagonist ended up in the town. There is however, a loose plot divided into 8 scenes.

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There's also a cast of 10 named characters who each play a role in the story. Sim: Day and Night is also infamous for its use of softcore porn images in the "Get Jiggy" scenes, where the player can try to score a date at the nightclub.

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The game was first released to Newgrounds, as a demo, on 21 July The full version, with additional content and bug fixes, was released 2 days later. Flash Games Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Community Site administration Site maintenance. Explore Wikis Community Central.


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