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By Laila Kearney. NEW YORK Reuters - New York will bar registered sex offenders on parole from playing Pokemon Go over concerns that the wildly popular virtual reality game could help sexual predators lure young victims, state officials said on Monday.

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Update Aug. That came in the wake of lots of reports about accidents, injuries, and even death.

No pokemon go for sex offenders on parole in new york

But other mishaps represent a different sort of danger: players being led to a home for sex offenders, and to a halfway house for drug addicts. The group acted in the wake of many reported accidents and other mishaps, such as the game leading players into a home for sex offenders and a halfway house for drug addicts.

See the original post, below. Today, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo brought more attention to the issue by directing state authorities to prevent nearly 3, registered sex offenders now on parole from playing the game. Cuomo also sent a lette r to Niantic asking for help in keeping sexual predators away.

In the letter, Cuomo called out a feature "where, for a small fee, a 'lure' can be purchased to intentionally encourage traffic to a particular location" as having potential to be abused by predators. Last week, Niantic's consumer marketing director told Associated Press that the company was working on a way to ensure "everyone is playing safely and doing things in a respectful manner.

It's been a smash hit. But as you can see in our updated list of all the accidents and other misfortunes related to the game, safety is a real concern. Whether the totality of the incidents represents a statistically ificant level of danger, we can't say.

But it should at least serve as a warning to use common sense while playing or when letting your kids go out hunting for Voltorb and friends. Not that it matters.

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Last week, around the office, I spied a something meandering her way to the elevator, eyes locked on her phone in a way appropriate for someone tracking an earthbound asteroid, but that's it. I thought -- and I swear this is true: This woman could walk right off a cliff. Later I saw two people walked right off a cliff.

The men sustained injuries, although the extent is not clear. The event was caught on a police body camera Here's a Reddit post from someone who "slipped and fell down a ditch" while playing the game -- which, in case you've been reading a book these past couple of weeks, involves apprehending animated creatures superimposed over real surroundings, as seen through the camera of your smartphone. Watch where you're going, folks! That is certainly sound advice, though not the kind you'd think would be necessary on an official basis.

In fact, police departments around the country are issuing safety warnings related to the game. Lots of people are playing while driving, too, as DMVs around the country have noted. Ariel Fox Johnson of Common Sense Media said that aside from all the accidents, mapping errors have led people into potentially harmful or inappropriate locations -- such as a home for sex offenders and a halfway house for drug addicts.

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Irina Raicu, director of the Internet Ethics program at the Markulla Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, in California, told Shuler the game raises new issues, as players are going wherever it le them. Raicu, too, believes Niantic needs to do more to proactively protect the safety of children and teens. The National Safety Council 10 days ago urged "gamers to consider safety over their scores before a life is lost.

No race to "capture" a cartoon monster is worth a life.

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She loved it! She's seven. Johnson took game developer Niantic to task. For crying out loud, use your head: Be safe. Enter Address Up. Thanks for ing up for our newsletter.