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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

My age: 22
Where am I from: Danish
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My experience as a virtual delegate for the CSW was an amazing one, although some moments that were not so amazing stuck out to me and made me realize that there is still a need for change, even within UN parallel events.

As a virtual delegate for the 65th Commission on the Status of Women, I had the opportunity to attend many parallel events related to critical issues that face women around the world. As a woman who wants to focus on global leadership in the future as well as have a family, I was looking forward to this session.

I ed up to attend because I wanted to learn more about balancing being an advocate and having a family, and I hoped to gain more knowledge on that subject. However, as I began attending the session I realized that the session was not going to be teaching me any of the things I had wished for.

Instead, the speakers focused on tearing women down for not wanting to become mothers and spewed anti-abortion rhetoric on unsuspecting delegates and attendees. I want to shed light on the unfortunate happenings that took place at the Worldwide Organization for Women session and to provide examples of how the conversation around motherhood needs to change in order to stop villainizing women for taking control of their lives. Keep reading.

Three powerful, honest, and diverse panels later, I am excited to write on disability rights as discussed at the Commission on the Status of Women, which I had the privilege of attending as a GLI Youth Delegate. Feminism should inherently be intersectional. But we also need to consider nationality, social and economic status, religion, and political affiliation.

However, even with such a largemany communities continue to stigmatize periods.

This is not only the case in third-world countries but even in well-developed nations. Coming from a progressive household, I have always felt safe talking about my menstrual cycle; however, I have realized that this is not the case in most households and something that we need to come to terms with as a society.

Through CSW, I have been able to get the opportunity to learn more about many female-related issues that continue to be a problem and one of which is menstrual equity. The session included innovative action plans taken by youth activists, social entrepreneurs and NPO founders in Asia to tackle Period Poverty.

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Art by R. Kikuo Johnson. The mother and child wait for the subway.

The mother grips the hand of her daughter tightly, her other hand raised to check the time. They are cautious, vigilant, fearful.

I realize what else makes me uneasy. The mother wears a turtleneck sweater beneath a long blazer and wide black pants. And tennis shoes. The sneakers clash incongruously with her formal attire—why wear sneakers with a blazer? Unless you fear you will need to run. Kikuo Johnson, comes at a time in which racial violence against Asian Americans has surged.

Just a few days before, a man was filmed kicking and stomping on a year-old Philippine-American woman while onlookers from the nearby sex tumblr female watched. One even shut the door in her face. For a while, I used to debate with myself whether someone was being racist towards me. Is it all in my head? Why am I making a big deal of this? Am I too sensitive? Can I not take a joke?

It is exhausting to constantly question whether or not an action is racially motivated. I did not want to be so overly sensitive that every slight I experienced came down to race. You start to doubt yourself—is it not worse if you think it is racially motivated when it is not?

But then again, my Asianness is written all over my face; how can you react to me without reacting to a core part of my identity? So there must have been some part of that action that was racist, even if it was mostly ignorant.

You start overanalyzing your past actions, and you turn silent and reclusive, thinking it best that you should not bring more attention to yourself, but then you realize that by being quiet you are contributing to the Asian stereotype of meekness. When the news first broke, I think I might have even believed the narrative the investigators spun about how the spa shootings in the Atlanta area were not racially motivated. But why this compulsion to explain the actions of the perpetrator?

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This desperate grab for a motive every time a racist crime is committed? Asian Americans, especially the elderly, do not feel safe in America. After living in America for sex tumblr female twenty years, is it not their right to go on an afternoon walk without fearing for their safety? How can they not, when U. When the few times the curriculum touches on Asian American history, it focuses on Chinese immigration in the midth century, the subsequent Chinese Exclusion Act, and the internment ofpeople of Japanese descent during World War II?

House of Representatives? By acknowledging the multifaceted and ever-changing nature of the Asian community in the U. Instead, I learn about AAPI history through an antiquated lens—depictions of Asian Americans have remained stagnant, fixed in time, and painted in broad strokes of homogeneity. The diversity of the AAPI community has often been forgotten, pushed aside for the ease in generalizing one collective group of people. And if I, someone who plans to study race, feel this way, how do others —students, teachers—even begin to broach this topic without fear of controversy?

Focus on eradicating the stigma behind racism without fixating on being politically correct? So, besides a reevaluation of curriculum, we must also change the culture of avoidance we have fostered in schools, end the mindset of avoiding uncomfortable conversations. Uncomfortable conversations elicit defensiveness, but they can also be an opportunity for growth, a way to find empathy for others who at first seem entirely unlike ourselves.

Chen, T. Fan, J. The Atlanta shooting and the dehumanizing of Asian women. Mouly, F. Waxman, O. Why the Asian-American story is missing from U. To my assailant, who never had to hear the consequences of his sexual assault because the criminal justice system failed me:. SinceFebruary has been the month to commemorate black voices, stories, history, and prominent figures. Woodson and Jesse E.

Woodson was a pioneer in that he challenged these views and negative stereotypes of Black people and genuinely recognized all of their beneficial actions. Today, many people question the necessity of Black History Month, which is clear neglect of present society. A seeming continuation from earlier times, Black individuals today are overlooked and subject to negative stereotypes.

We cannot just forget what happened in sex tumblr female, especially since it still has implications in our modern society. We cannot just forget what happened in history, especially since Black individuals are continuing to be dehumanized and treated unequally in the hands of our so-called justice system. Through Black History Month, we can become more aware of the importance of Black citizens and Black history. It is a month of empowerment and representation for the marginalized.

It is a time to reflect on the struggles of Black ancestors. Through recognizing history, we can prevent the past from repeating itself. What happens during Black History Month? These include local celebrations, performances, and lectures. Many of these events have been canceled due to the pandemic, but this has not hindered the celebration. Accommodations have been made so that we can celebrate virtually, I will leave the links to these celebrations down below.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Additionally, during this month it is extremely important to show the Black community that you are an ally and with them in the fight against racism. Thus, along with learning about Black History, you can advocate on behalf of the Black History movement through sharing posts on social media and educating those who do not know the history and importance behind this month. America was built on slavery and the effects of this are still being felt by the Black community today through the justice system and all of the institutions it incorporates. Despite the positive impact Black people have made on America, they continue to be disregarded, underrepresented, and acknowledged with negative stereotypes.

The first and most crucial step we can take in reversing this inequality is educating ourselves. We must educate ourselves on Black History and the true evils behind it.

It does not matter what race you are, Black History affects us all. Barriers to the full and effective participation of women and girls with disabilities. The systematic killings of innocent Hazara girls in Kabul, Afghanistan, is an attempt to prevent these girls from getting an education.