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We are building a large collection of sex-related texts, easy to navigate, categorized, without advertising. Anyone can have us publish their texts, for free.

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Stories where anal sex and ass is the star. The best kept confessions they knew not where they count. The stories where someone commands and one obeys. Blackmail, games, curiosity The most private fantasies told by their protagonists.

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What you have always wanted to do, and maybe, hopefully, did. The poems based eroticism.

Erotic stories online

Eroticism in verse, of the most romantic authors. Do you dare?

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The most erotic sex stories and less, love and sex more light. Stories of fetishism. These special passions that some have, that object or part that heats them. Erotic Stories of gay relationships. Relationships between men in all areas, fantasies and realities. These adventures Group. Trios, quartets, orgies The hardest porn stories.

Latest erotic stories

Erotic stories of sex and incest: cousins, uncles, sisters, mothers, children Stories of these infidelities that could not be avoided. The adventures outside partner. Blacks, Asians, Caucasians, mulattoes, whites, Indians Erotic Stories where the mind control about sex. Those repressed instincts. Stories of non-consensual sex, forced, or should not have been agreed. Crossing boundaries, but legal. Stories where oral sex is the main thing.

Tasting the sexual part that attracts. Stories where sex was with one or more older men. Confesable or shameful, age was important.

Latest erotic stories

Stories where sex was with one or more older women. Stories of heterosexual stories generally normal stories but always wanted to count and read.

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Stories of exchanges couple swinger or casual. That story where the couple changed to something new. Stories of transgender people. Stories experienced by transsexuals or with any genre.

Erotic stories online

Stories of morbid voyeur. In the distance, hidden or anonymous.

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Spy here. The stories with animals, where women seeking animal pleasure to complete. Legal issues. in.

Sex stories

Anal Sex. Distance sex. Erotic fantasies. Erotic poetry. Eroticism and love. Group Sex. Mind control. Oral sex. Self satisfaction. Sex with mature men. Sex with mature woma.

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Straight: General.