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Sex mmorpg

Search the site: Search. In any entertainment medium that gains popularity, there are products that aim at the lowest common denominator. With MMOs gaining players at an alarming pace across the globe, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing such products in the online world game space.

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Dive headfirst into whips, chains, ropes, forced orgasms, squirting, bound and gagging, and all of your most filthy desires in this BDSM game! Laid bare in all manner of naughty scenarios. Control and take part in the action! This is a type of online gameplay that allows for lo of players from all over the world to play the same game while interacting with each other. Sounds good, huh? Sex MMO is a role-play, virtual world where you can meet, chat, and have sex with other players.

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I stumbled across an article on www. I went to the site and read the information about it. At first it seems like a lame idea, and the graphics are nothing special. But then I thought there were some really interesting features to the game, but also very adult oriented features including: Permadeath, Blackmail, Graveyards to memorialize the dead, Contagious diseases, Rape, Prison, Cults based on Blood Magic or Sexual Practices, Player ran Government, Religious Aspects, Cyber Sex and more.

I came to mmorpg. I was was wondering:.

The top five 'adult' mmos

Do you think this game has a legitimate place in the mmorpg genre or do you think it is just another "Sims Online" with over the top explicit themes? I personally found it an interesting concept and that it would provide some very different and interesting gameplay. Definately unique and maybe even a little scary! What are your thoughts? I can't imagin many women playing a game like that so who exactly is getting raped. Personly I'm not really into fetish type games where people can act out things their not allowed or too unwilling to do irl.

Considering how the mods react to this type of thing on the forums I'm not surprised they don't list it. Even though sex is a part of real life :P I don't think games need to focus on it any more then just clothing and toon detail. The rest should be left up to player imagination. I read their website for a good hour, and I have to say, if all the features they have listed are actually sex mmorpg in the game, then it sounds like the most in-depth MMO to date. I'm considering ing up, anyone played it before?

Even though I don't pay such games myself, I stick to UO to flee from reality every now and sex mmorpg, I guess some people would rather move their reality into the computer. Sounds dodgy.

It looks interesting,but nothing for me The graphics are After talking with those in IRC and on the forums it seems the game was built by one person and has evolved over the pass couple of years with help from the player base. The game does have a lot of depth, more than any other I have come across. For instance, you wander into a room and see blood on the floor, you can examine the room and act as a detective to figure out what occured there. Female characters can become pregnant and produce an heir.

It has perma death, and an afterlife, To prevent griefing of unskilled players it sex mmorpg classification titles such as newbie, casual that determine what other people can do to your character.

Getting started

If you let your guard down, you can be seduced or overpowered. Someone do you wrong?

You can do plastic surgery on your character to change much of his appearence. There are a lot of neat features in the game.

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What I didnt like about it was the user interface. It is very clumsy to use, and only shows properly at 1 screen resolution. The zones are extremely small and sometimes confusing in the layout.

The players in the game seem really friendly and help new arrivals get started. As far as the community, it seems there are actually more females playing then men.

I think thats because the game actually treats the female characters a little better than the males, Females are the only ones that can produce an heir, and females can actually control males through their seduction and actions. I played the game for a month, didnt get very far into it as far as skill wise. The customization features are limitless, and yes it is an adult theme game so not for the timid.

Fantasies available in this game

It has a detailed crafting system even if somewhat simple in its execution. The game is a good example of thinking outside the box and not following the "crowd" It would be interesting to see what could be done with a decent budget and better graphics. Think most of those "females" are guys playing females so they can dress them scantily and have sex with people. Game seems somewhat interesting, but the kind of people behind those avatars disturbs me a little. You seem to forget that the largest audience for MMOs is the year old women bracket.

Myself being female, I would not be caught dead playing this game. I find it morally wrong and discusting. I sex mmorpg understand why it exists though, and if it can help stop some sexual abuse instead of encouraging it, then I'm for it, but I'll never load this crap on my computer.

Free online rpg adult game

Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! In Register. Chuckman Member Uncommon Posts: I was was wondering: 1. Why isn't this game covered on this site. Too adult oriented or too explicit? Have any of you played this game and what are your thoughts?

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DamonVile Member Uncommon Posts: 4, January I can't imagin many women playing a game like that so who exactly is getting raped Personly I'm not really into fetish type games where people can act out things their not allowed or too unwilling to do irl. I'd like to hear if all of this stuff is fully funtional or not. Easy Nulled provide latest nulled scripts. ForgottenKnight Member Uncommon Posts: Hashman Member Posts: From website However, over the past 3 years Sociolotron SM has involved into a multiplayer game with simultaneous players online at peak times Sounds dodgy.

Sephi05 Member Posts: Socialotron, hmm. Originally posted by devilduck The players in the game seem really friendly sex mmorpg help new arrivals get started. Originally posted by unvi02 Originally posted by devilduck The players in the game seem really friendly and help new arrivals get started.

Mmo sex games

Ok, well maybe they are women then :P Either way, still disturbs me, lol! Looking for Group suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. In or Register to comment. Trending Features Latest game. ProfileOptions',' Content'. Profile',' Content'.

Controls',' Content'. Big', '.