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There are entire TV shows that focus on the sex lives of teenagers. But recent survey data seem to suggest that people are having a lot less sex than we think they are. According to the national Youth Risk Behavior Survey, the percentage of high school students who have ever had sex declined from 54 percent in to

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Hirsch and Shamus Khan contend.

Colleges and universities are social institutions. Students see this social life -- friendships, extracurriculars and networking, and also sex -- as fundamental to the college experience. Our book, Sexual Citizensdraws on three semesters of research spending time with and interviewing undergraduates on the Columbia University and Barnard College campuses.

The students we interviewed described wide-ranging sexual projects. Sometimes, sex is about pleasure. Other times, intimacy. For many students, especially early on in college, the goals are accruing experience, impressing their friends or figuring out who they are. Sometimes sexual projects entail a lot of sex, but the sexual project can be no sex: one young man, a devout born-again Christian, saw his commitment to abstinence as a sex college expression of his new self.

One of the reasons students arrive on campus so intent on their sexual projects is that few adults had ever asked the students with whom we spoke what sex meant to them.

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For many young people, home is an environment of sexual silence and shame, and college offers the promise of a space where they can express themselves. There are also developmental reasons: the average age at first intercourse in America is about Shut indoors for months, without prom, senior trip or even the mild flirting that comes with yearbook ing, the Sex college of is likely to feel more acutely what young people long have felt: that they are behind when it comes to sex.

While they may not say it to their parents, the disappointment about an online start to the school year is at least as much about the social and sexual as it is about the educational. Young Americans today are on average older than their parents were the first time they had sex.

Now is not the time to bring those rules back under the guise of protection. Instead, we need a student-centered approach that unflinchingly faces the realities of what young people are going to be doing, and how their recent experiences are motivating those actions.

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In Sexual Citizenswe use sexual projects and sexual citizenship to reveal the social roots of campus sexual assault. But the ideas have a broader application, as a framework for understanding sex on campus and as a way of thinking about what it would look like to organize sexual and social lives in relation to the common good. Sexual projects and sexual citizenship are the logical starting point for respectful dialogue between administrators and students, and among students themselves, about sex during a pandemic. The safest sex is solo or remote.

Those who chose in-person sex should use condoms and other barriers and remember to wash up before and after sex. Higher ed leaders should remember that this is generation that has led, rather than followed, in the name of collective responsibility, with one study showing that 20 percent of millennials had changed their diet because of concerns about climate changecompared to only 8 percent of baby boomers.

This is a critical moment for rethinking and reorganizing campus sex.

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At least some of the students whose stories appear in Sexual Citizensas well as some whom Lisa Wade interviewed in American Hookuparticulated substantial ambivalence about hookup culture. We think in particular about the young woman who compared getting drunk before hooking up to Novocain at the dentist -- the numbing required to get through the discomfort.

This is a moment to reimagine welcoming students to college as a long process that offers an appealing range of activities through which students can get to know each other more slowly -- before or even perhaps without ever getting naked. In normal times, institutions need to think about how they can create environments -- reimagining everything from furniture to culture -- where those who chose to have sex can do so without harm to themselves or others.

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COVID just amplifies this obligation. Like professors across the country, we long to see young people back on campuses -- queuing up for office hours, lolling in the sun on the lawns, throwing down their book bags before seminar or even meticulously setting up a whole breakfast as class starts.

But having spent semesters immersed in their daily lives, we know not to fool ourselves that they are only here to see us. That means thinking about young people as sexual citizens, talking to them about what sexual projects are valuable and creating geographies of experience that help them have sex in the ways that they want and that respect the choices of those around them.

Whether the goal is promoting social distancing or preventing sexual assault, work with young people needs to begin with a recognition of their right to sexual self-determination.

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Sex, social distancing and the fall semester

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Sex, social distancing and the fall semester

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