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Rogue drone asteroid infestation

It is often regarded as the low value site as it contains no faction drones and has only very low chance to drop a single faction module. The Black Drone Container is blocked from warp-in by a large, barren asteroid, requiring manual piloting to move around. The containers are locked until the rats by them are destroyed.

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This is the law of ship progression! Aura sound-clips: Aura forever. If you don't follow the rulesneither will I.

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Funding got cut shortly after an architectural mishap, where the acceleration gates that were supposed to carry the massive industrial haulers got infected with a mysterious virus. The gates' power coils were severely drained and are to this day only capable of hurling smaller vessels between complex pockets. The ruins are now reputed to be infested with a strain of rogue drones.

Group 1 - 17 km - Attacks on warp-in Qty. Image Entity Info 3 Dragonfly Apis. Most of the ore was mined away decades ago by the resident mining corporation, but the drifting hulks of rock are now kept company by another type of scavenger: rogue drones. Group 1 - Veldspar asteroid - 32 km Proximity Trigger: 20 km Qty. Image Entity Info 3 Arachula Apis.

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Image Entity Info 7 Arachula Apis. Image Entity Info 2 Belphegor Apis. Image Entity Info 2 Decimator Alvi.

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Image Entity Info 2 Render Alvi. Pocket 3 Depace Arrival Message This complex pocket once housed a thriving center for miners operating in the depace field. The old station ruins that still remain within the sector are evidence enough that some decades back, this area was highly valued by whatever mining interest controlled it. Multiple als and reports of rogue drone activity have been detected around this central area.

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It appears these abandoned ruins have now become the home of a hostile strain of rogue drones who will stop at nothing to defend their harvesting operation. Group 1 - Veldspar asteroid - 28 km Qty. Image Entity Info 3 Render Alvi.

Group 2 - 20 km Proximity Trigger: 13 km Qty. Image Entity Info 8 Arachula Apis. Group 3 - Omber asteroid - 30 km Proximity Trigger: 10 km Qty. Image Entity Info 3 Decimator Alvi. Group 4 - 37 km Proximity Trigger: 10 km Qty. Dragonfly Apis.

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Incubus Apis. Moth Apis.

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Scorpionfly Apis. Tarantula Apis. Termite Apis.

Ded 3 - rogue drone asteroid infestation

Your Resists. Arachula Apis. Asmodeus Apis.

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Beelzebub Apis. Belphegor Apis. Malphas Apis.

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Mammon Apis. Infester Alvi. Decimator Alvi.

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Render Alvi. Splinter Alvi. Mineral Container Type: Mineral Container.

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Rogue Drone Container. Scratched Cask Immune to electronic warfare.

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