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Ripples visual novel

A note from Ayu Sakata: Ripples is not a game, nor is it really much of a novel.

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Ripples is a sci-fi visual novel that centers around an year-old in his last year of high school. He reunites with his good friend Darci and sets off to school like any other day, but as the day goes on, he learns new information about his deceased father that has him questioning the truth about his death. Reminder: This visual novel is still in development, and there is still much more story to come, and what I consider the best parts.

The best place to reach me is the Discord server.

Log in with itch. Thats fine i just hate when games give somethingblike a neighbor that causes over the top drama with no warning or background to it. Heya, Trustedreviewer here winks at camera. You're probably wondering how any self-respecting, actualized individual could have the gall to name themselves that, or you're just browsing through the comment section of an adult visual novel, clueless all the same.

That's all fine and well, and I agree with you, but I have an important message that my totally real sponsors have implored that I deliver to your special eyes.

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Ripples is the real deal, you fucking losers. That's right. Ripples is the perfect name, cuz that's what will definitely permeate through your soul as you engage in this thought provoking, eye-candy infused construct that will leave your anatomy empty, but your heart brimming with elegantly crafted satisfaction. There's also some shit about hadron colliders if you're into that, giving your wank experience a somewhat less neanderthal vibe. So play the game already, what are you waiting for? I mean sure, it has a few typos, but I ripples visual novel your last had typos as well, and that employer of yours still hired your dumb ass anyways.

See, that's what Ripples is all about. It doesn't care that you fucked up! Ripples will welcome you with open arms, so go on and give it a big ole hug. So in the first chapter the MC is talking about Tiffany and says "I know she's a cool landyland That face is unmistakable lol. The new update didn't actually update. It saved as a new game with no saves.

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But I transferred my save game to the new Ripples folder and it worked out fine. Bob gave me a proper laugh-out-loud moment. If you've played it then you know what I'm talking about! I'm glad you got it to work out. Android builds are always a struggle to get working flawlessly. I'm happy you enjoyed it. Am I doing something wrong? I get to the end of episode 1 and I'm back to the main menu. Isn't there supposed to be 3 episodes? Yes, there are three episodes.

If you have a discordstop by my discord server. If not, message me and I will try to help you. Having issues installing on my android, app won't installing it'll download also been Having issues updating ripples visual novel prior I have to delete it to install them. I love the game this is the only flaws I've had. Actually the downlo are not finishing. It was showing up in my files before finished and even after letting a fresh download sit for 15 minutes its said unsuccessful.

Something is wack with the android option. Omg, another update. This game has been my in my top 3 AVN game Summertime saga and Once in a lifetime are the others and it has been so much fun to play this. I dont know if I should wait for the next update before I download it again but surely if I could rate this game again for a second time, another 5 stars. It's worth playing the new update.

It's a good size update and I worked hard on it. I don't think you'll be disappointed. For me, this update is very good, im looking forward for it. Btw, anyway to support the game ex from patreon or itch let me know. Honestly this games story writing and charters are so much better than any ive have encountered in other Visual Novels.

If your thinking about trying this game DO IT! It will not let you down. And now im hyped for the next update! You need to be on Krystal's Route to get it and then agree to go with her when she asks in the school hallway.

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Congrats played the hell out of this game and finished it in a sitting. Its amazing. A job well done for sure.

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Maybe my favorite game on it has to be honest. Its minimal.

Two of the characters are the landlady and her daughter that you live with. While it is rather annoying that he just ignored her, there could be a simple explanation for that, for example imagine its the middle of the night, your in a dark forest, cant remember if he had already seen the entrace or not and you hear a loud random scream from a voice you cannot recognize, sure it would make sense to go after her, but at the same time you have no idea what you might get into.

Couple of things I noticed in the text that you might want to have a look at. Apologies for wasting your time if you have already fixed them. Tiffany "Okay, I will you tell the story about how I met your father.

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Tiffany "I immediately started busting up in laughter. I've never heard anyone talk to their car like that. I'd never MC " I know she's a cool landyland thats not easily embarrassed, but still.

Krystal "Last week, my friend Daphne and I landed on a movie about musical instruments that kill people, i think it was supposed to be a horror movie but laughed the entire time. MC " This doesn't make sense.

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If he's not at New Angeles University, he should be worker there. Jenny "I'm want to do it again, but this time I want you to push my head Khloe. MC " I have a couple of dollars left, so maybe I can grabe a snack and head to park until she gets out of class. Tiffany "I even called the police, but they wouldn't do anything because the person missing has to be gone for at least twenty-four hours before they will file a missings person report.

MC "After kissing, the next thing you want to do is move to the neck and give soft and gently kisses like this MC "She got bullied when she younger and sometimes still does.

That's the last thing I need is for you to do the same. The last MC " Okay, Daphne definitely wants hop on my pogo stick Thanks for the typos. Yeah some of these have already been fixed. I am hiring a professional proofreader next update. My old one didn't do a very good job.

I'll fix the ones I don't have and have them corrected in the public release update coming up on the 18th. What's the deifference between the normal apk and the compressed apk? Eh, i like the 3d model, they look gorgeous and don't looks weird, the story is alright, it's enjoyable. Once I saw where the game was headed, I considered restarting and renaming myself Jonas Kahnwald just to see if you had ripples visual novel some Easter eggs in, a yellow jacket, maybe.

I am hoping that the MC will end up outdoing Bartosz and be ground zero of pretty much everyone in town, Scarlett being the first of many. Maybe he can outdo Charlotte and become his own father. Maybe his own grandfather, too. I didn't look to closely at the layout of the rooms in your story, but that is just one of many possibilities for Easter eggs that won't break copyright laws.

A mobile home by a truck stop, lots of rain and no umbrellas, a watchmaker's shop I am very much looking forward to seeing how this all progresses.

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