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Renryuu: ascension

Characters 1. Main Characters [ ] 1.

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Renryuu: Ascension — Walkthrough for version Characters 1. Main Characters [ ] 1. Views 3, Downlo File size 2MB. All liked gift capped at 70 relation point, to go above 70 either use love potion or through event that raised relation. Walkthrough MindBreak v0. The core of the g.

Walkthrough This walkthrough will list the various conversation choices you can make in Sisterly Lust and the consequenc. Side Characters [ ] 2. Maps [ ] 3. Quests [ ] 4. Shop list [ ] 5. FAQ [ ] 1 Back to 1 1. Main Characters Ryen: The main protagonist.

He is a dragonic, half dragon-half human, who is definitely better with the sword than with words. He can be cruel and cold-blooded at times, but he usually doesn't enjoy murdering. He is simply so used to killing that he has no hesitation about it and it invokes no emotions anymore. After his troublesome and bloody past he went to a military academy. He was hoping to change himself and find his peace of mind there. She trained swordsmanship for most of her life, as it is tradition in her family. When Ryen ed the military academy and soon became its strongest, she started to hang around and train with him a lot in hopes of learning from him.

Since killing is no problem to her, she was fine with Ryen's sometimes problematic attitude. First CG scene is directly at the start of the game. Titfuck CG 2. Talk with Tsubaki twice at the sleeping chambers in your castle to get the quest "Bookworm? The needed author is in a house in Thremten. Nude CG 4. During the events you get the standing blowjob CG and at the end renryuu: ascension sex scene with two different poses and one animation.

Trey is a brave and honest person, who has fought many battles for his beloved country already. It is his duty to protect Ryen as the new king, but he also made it clear that if Ryen abuses his powers, Trey and the royal guards will be ready to turn against him.

Gives you the teleport stone to the castle renryuu: ascension you talk with him at the sleeping chamber.

Talk with Trey twice again to start a short quest renryuu: ascension finding a lesser demon at Thremten. After introducing yourself at the Aldlyn castle, go upstairs in the fort in Parverhill. The fight against two traitor guards will unlock a new dialog with Trey at the sleeping chambers and start the traitor questline. She is always cheerful and loves to help people, but there seems to be quite a big shadow hidden behind that smile. ATK buff for turns by praying at crosses on the map. Character events sequence: 1. Talk to Mira again at the sleeping chambers.

Oral CG 4. After the evil spirit quest, you can meet the angel Maria in front of the Drunken Cave in Begus. The events will lead you to the Ironholm prison, where you need the help of the ghost girl Shey to advance. Shey can be found in the dungeon below Old Ashton. Maira will now appear with Aura at the Havaria port.

Talk with them there to start the temple island events. Second sex scene is in the temple island dungeon.

Renryuu ascension walkthrough

Out of sequence: Talk to the dark sorceress at the bitterroot farm south in Central Map. Requires quest No. She often gets angry when someone treats her likebut at the same time she loves to be spoiled. Ryen finds her sealed away in a dungeon by chance, but it seems as if the two of them are somehow connected.

Go to the army camp in Amagal and follow the path on the right side to get the dialog that a volcano is over there. Renryuu: ascension will unlock Vampire's dialog for the quest "Into The Fire". Dual Blowjob CG with Mira. Check the Aldlyn city board to see a note about hunting a Vampire and finish the quest.

Rewards you with the footjob CG scene when you talk with Vampire again at the sleeping chamber after the quest is done. Once you're far enough in the main story to enter Dorgania, and talked with the woman in the nature area at the bottom of the north dungeon, a new renryuu: ascension at the sleeping chamber will start the "Vampire's Past" quest. The maid Louise is now two tiles right from Vampire at the sleeping chambers. Talk with her to start the CG scene with Vampire in maid uniform.

Renryuu: ascension

Maid and teasing Cgs. After the quest you can talk with Vampire once more for her first sex scene. After her parents died she was raised by their towns chief. This quest is skipped if you found it before talking with Mirel about it.

Nude CG 3. Blowjob CG 4. Her ability to pick locks and other skills leave some doubts to her honesty, but they often come in handy. It's easy to tell from those abilities that she used to live in the streets and managed to survive through them.

Location: Can be found in the dungeon below Witton Map no.

Special chest in the swamps near the Bitteroot farm. Map No. Oral CG 3. Constructing the second mine on the overview map will allow you to go to the treasure dungeon with Sandra. A stripping scene starts at Newkungu after having the event with Moriko to find the thieves guild and help their leader with some problems. Moriko's events begin with a note at the Aldlyn city board after building and upgrading the police headquarters. After purchasing the upgrade you need to leave and re-enter the map to apply the change.

Renryuu: ascension [v]

Once you're far enough in the main story to have the mithril pickaxe, a new dialog will unlock for Sandra. She wants to look for Bob, who is at the Wooden House in Begus, where you got the mithril lockpick from Glen. After finishing the events to help the dwarf Bob to find a jade vein, you can talk with Sandra twice at the sleeping chambers to trigger her first sex scene.

The scene includes two different CGs with several variations and one animation.

It's not necessary to finish the haunted house events to get this scene. Having lost everything he ever had, he sure knows the true value of the word freedom and the price for it. Because he had to fight for the amusement of his owner, Brad is now a fairly good brawler.

You can find events for him in Aldlyn near the arena brawler and in Kagabangui slaves. Currently 3 brawlers exist.

After the fight in Aldlyn you can fight an orc at the military academy where the game starts, and an oni in the bar of Calterburry. Her abilities are mostly magic spells of different elements.

Renryuu: ascension | mod apk

She used to live a peaceful life in Amagal, until the Earl gained more power. You might need to talk with her two or three times before you get the dialog. When you're at the point of the main story where you have to search for Frall in Amagal, you can talk with Chiyo for the "Varea" quest. If you meet Varea and Frall before talking to Chiyo the quest and dialog is skipped. When entering her room with Kayelinth's playlust over 80 and scene.