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Reddit monster girl quest

Kowzz here, and welcome to our ninety-first weekly discussion thread! Monster Girl Quest!

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Use this strawpoll and then post your opinion below, please. I've always wanted to know if any fellow bretheren has come onto this glorious game. And additionally if you play it for the plot or if you play it for the plot. I see you havent played it. It has one of the best stories, apart from the sexual things.

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This product was mentioned in 22 comments, with an average of 5. Here's the link, dirty birds. You can get a physical hardcover copy on Amazon too if your interested.

Can anyone explain why monster girl quest is so popular?

Most of the stuff posted here is fan art from these books. If youre wanting the physical books, then here they are on Amazon.

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Next time you may have better luck trying the MGQ subreddit or somewhere more appropriate. There's two physical books you can get on amazon if your interested.

Who of you heard or tried monster girl quest so far?

Monster Girl Encyclopedia is coming in october to US. Its not romance but a def concept guide to different girls. You can find both volumes new on Amazon. That's where I got them at least.

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Now we all just sit and wait for VOl. The online version is here: [link] but if you want to actually buy the book it's on Amazon here: [link]. Chesire Cat, Hellhound, Manticore and Raijuu getting the headpat.

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They're from Monster Girl Encyclopedia Amazon link. It's available on amazon so it doesn't seem that limited Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. These books are widely available, both in the original Japanese and translated into English:.

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This and vol. Yesboth of them a real.

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Volume 1 Volume 2. Volume 1 on Amazon. Preorder Volume 2 on Amazon.

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I own the first volume. It's literally an encyclopedia, with entries like this. Each entry also has artwork, which is generally NSFW usually depicting sex with said Monster Girlalthough I have no idea if the artwork is original or not because I'm fairly certain that the Lamia entry is the famous one from Monster Girl Quest.

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What is reddit's opinion of Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. From 3. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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The following content includes affiliate links for which I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. Popularity Score: 19 This product was mentioned in 22 comments, with an average of 5. FYI there's more than one volume.

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It's on sale on Amazon [link]. If you want an example, the OP is literally taken straight from the Encyclopedia.