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Queen of fighters redux

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So I spread my favorite assembly The Queen of Fighters Redux with soldiers and the of arenas. As befits Mugen collection in this fighting game sprites girls attend the majority of fighting game where you can fuck.

At the top of the character selection screen there are female characters from KOF, SF, VG and many other fighting games, but at the very bottom of the male characters that can fuck them. The game modes are present fight one on one, two by two, and teams of 4 to 4. There is also a survival mode where you have to strike all men, that is impossible in principle due to their quantity.

Every girland a backdrop on which they are fighting. Because men too much, I decided to remove the complexity of the system and now all soldiers are randomly selected, and now you may be lucky and you will be slain with easy opponent or with a super complex which will give you an endless amount of combos.

However, if you still have won 13 enemies in arcade mode, then you will be a reward in the form of hentai endings for each character. F2 — reduces the life of both players by 1.

That is, 1 hit and victory. Use it before you strike. F3 — completely fills energy blue bar.

F4 — Restart round round starts again only if there is a round that victory, they still are. You can use anything to avoid defeat; press F4 once, after losing until the round is not switched.

Space Space — completely restores life, energy, and time of the round. Home The Queen of Fighters Redux [v1.