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Pokemon my ass walkthrough

New Features The clothes are changed. Our protagonist will have no shirt, many of the NPCs will have no shirt and a bare chest instead.

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The plot is simple : you, an eleven-year-old sheltered slave, are offered your very first Mon by Oak, who is the sole person of authority in the lost Pallet Town. He gives you the choice between BulbasaurCharmanderor Squirtle. His own grandson, The Rivalis put behind, just so he can outplay you and pick the mon that is efficient against yours.

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If you are new to roms, learn how to play them here. If you find a game you've played not in the list, please suggest a hack in the comments section. This might help somebody else out. Changelog see what's new. Thanks as always and keep up the good work. Ill try to find the name. But hard-working But most of The Comments are already answered No! Really No! I am not complaining!

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Keep it up! We Love You!! Haha, thanks. I check the site regularly, so I try to reply to all the questions even if I don't know the answer.

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If I just leave them, it may take weeks before somebody else who has the answer re the comment. If you have a better answer or more information, you can always create another reply. Ha,I come on here atleast once a day just to check on things. I only show myself when the hard questions are asked. Or if knuckles is busy I try to step up and help everyone. Can you add a download all option and maybe a download all english option?

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Sorry, it's just not possible. First of all, I don't have all the hacks on my computer anymore, so I'd literally have to download them one by one myself. More importantly, the total file size would be in GBs, and my speed is way too slow for that.

Yeah it's a pretty hefty task, there's about different hacks here give or take and each of them turn into 16mb files when on your computer. There needs to be a pokemon hack where instead of bulbasaur, squirtle and charmander, you have as starers maybe buttercup replacing bulbasaur, bubbles replacing squirtle and blossom replacing charmander with them evolving into their z forms then into their forms ooh and you have characters from ppgz and as the wild pokemon.

Hey Knuckle San i am trying to make a rom hack suggest me some good stories.

Now, Player NameByYourself 's goal is to find out what actually happened with his dad and What is the mystery of the Mystery Ruins, is that cursed by an ancient Pokemon? Or something else DecidedByYourself? Player NameByYourself faces a lot of enemies, rivals, friends, and… a Girl NameByYourself [who secretly have a crush on the player when the player gets 4 badges, the Girl reveals his love for the player ]. I'm bad at coming up with stories, but good luck with the hack!

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Seems pretty epic XD No please Yukika brother, Don't compare this to outlaw. Outlaw has a girl who is ready to be anyone's girlfriend just because being beaten by a dirty streat boy in a Pokemon battle, there's no "true" in love.

Sorry for the late reply. I have an idea for a fakemon game if anyone is interested. How about all the pokemon being real animals? Like for a water-type starter a Betta that would evolve into a tiger shark at level 16 and a Great White at level 36? Other than the pokemon replaced as animals it would be same as Fire Red.

I even have a name for the game, Zoomon. Too bad I don't know how to make a hack.

If you really can give much effort; Try doing this one:- Every years,An Unknown Creature comes from Who knows where and brings a massive calamity destroying everything in radius of km ; After three events like these; Civilization was probably coming to an end; The People of region unnamed started to call these events "Night of the last day.

The Player insert name is an evil guy who beats his opponents until they give up their pokemon; He knows how to stop this "N. D" but he just have one goal in his mind, To capture that beast. Mega Power and Dark Realm both have 2 storylines.

Hey guys, I am making a hack like dark realm, you are starting on earth but mew teleport you to the pokemon world because you are the choosen one. You start your adventure on kanto region. While selecting a starter, the earthquake started, and all people on kanto region get injured and you too. But then, celebi saved you and travelled on future kanto region. Now, I am remaking the whole kanto and adding new towns and cities. I almost finish remaking the pallet town and adding the kanto university.

I'm so busy in my highschool so I think I'll gonna release the first beta onit is so hard because I am solo hacker and there's no helping me : But anyway, my whole plan is to add the kalos and region because I have never seen a hack that has kalos region. It's pretty challenging for me. I hope you support me for this hack.

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The story sounds pokemon my ass walkthrough If you're looking for a team, you can try asking here and here. And the Pokecommunity Discord rom hacking channel has a lot of experienced hackers who can help you. Good luck! And I promise to everyone, I will make gba version of pokemon sun and moon after the final version of my 1st hack :.

If anyone is using the Gpemu emulator to play pokemon games, I have some useful information you might be able to use. As you may already know, the games save automatically and using the in game save option doesn't really help because whenever you open up your game, it starts you back at the exact spot that you closed the game at. However, I have discovered a method that allows you to reset your game to the title screen and load up to your last in game save spot Save stateas opposed to starting back at the point that you closed your game.

The method, on chromebooks, is just to right click use two fingers on the mouse and click and it will bring up a white screen with gray buttons on the top that say Save, Reset,load, etc.

Click the one that says reset to return your game to the title screen and from there you can continue from your last in game save just like normal. This makes the in game save useful for multiple tries at legendaries and anything else you want to redo in the game. I know it gets frustrating only being able to do things once because of the emulators automatic save method, but hopefully this helps.

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Although I have not tested this next thing out myself,I am assuming that when the game freezes we can use this same method to return to the title screen and load up. If you use GPEMU, then you probably know about game freezes and the infinite freeze loop that you can't reverse, hopefully this is a way around that problem. Sorry about the large wall of text Knuckle San, I just thought I would give this info to people dealing with the same technical problems I have had. Thanks for the info! Many people have asked about this before and I wasn't able to answer them. When will Pokemon flurote uploded Can it ed 1 month later who was the made it.

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Hey knuckle,firstly thank you for making such a huge compilation of hacks,it really helps a lot And ,can you help me in finding a rom hack,i dodont remember the name,but i just remember that it was pretty incomplete. It had eevee as starter,and after some time,we got to choose from one of the eeveelutions who replaced it.

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The story was like we were on a ship which crashed on a island and there were bad conditions in the cities of that place,lack of food,etc. And the first gym leader in Estacao has level 25 pokemon for the first gym leader! Check out my video if you want to see how it's done.

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Just starting out, but I'm a funny dude with a new york accent playing pokemon. If ya guys have any recommendations for funny rom hacks you want me to play, let me know lmao. But all the apps you see in the video you can download on android devices. Check it out!

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Keep in mind, it was just a test run to see if all my recording stuff worked. I was playing blue stars 2 but I don't speak Spanish lmao. I want also say somewhat. They does not work with the puzzle from GoldenSun One of the Jupiterlighttower. The first not work place is the first room, it says that u need an move to fill in a watertank. No such move is including as raindance and nothing happends when you try it out.

Used cheats to reach the top The fight here against Tundra's Boss is buggy and music hangs up aswell the screen. You doesnt see your player outside of buildings or caves. This is only a way to avoid those bugs. Thanks for the info. I would recommend also posting this on the Pokecommunity thread link so that the creator can see and prevent it from happening in the next version. Had said this some times on this site or on Bisaboard.