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Personal trainer game

There is also a Wii version that does not require any additional accessories to play.

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Fun & games: get fit with play

Everyone needs to have some FUN! Some people get bored of lifting weights, especially for those who are training multiple times per week. You can play with Jokers and make them burpees or an extra special exercise.

The on the card equals the of repetitions you do. Simplify face cards Jacks, Queens and Kings to all be 10 repetitions.

Set a timer for 20 minutes and see how many cards client can get through in that amount of time. For partner sessions, compete to see who can get more cards in allotted time.

All rights reserved. Why use games in your fitness training?

Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate games into your workouts: — They provide variety and uniqueness to the workout — The session will go by quickly for the client. Have Fun! She is a Fitness Fun Expert that specializes in building creative, challenging and FUN workouts for her clients and promoting a lifestyle of play for adults.

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