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Naked rpg

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Writing on their FacebookDyskami explained. We know that many anime and manga fans like to role-play and cosplay at conventions, and they may be inclined to play more often if a game was released that matched their interests and expectations. Dyskami use the Jumping attribute to compare and contrast the two version of Big Eyes, Small Mouth 4. With a running start, a character can normally jump a distance in metres approximately equal to three-quarters their Body Stat a quarter their Body Stat from a static position.

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Users Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. RPGnet stands with Black Americans in the fight for rights, safety, and justice. In the last year the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community has increasingly been the target of hate and violence, with the recent shooting being only the most recent and horrific example.

RPGnet stands in solidarity naked rpg that community. We all have an obligation to stand up against racism and bigotry in all its forms. Thread starter Darker Start date Feb 9, Tags naturalism nudism nudity. First Prev 2 of 20 Go to. Validated User. Re: Nudism in Rpg's I've had a fair amount of nudity in my game worlds.

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My long-running fantasy setting was an archipelago in the torrid zone: hot and humid. The main culture had no real nudity taboo; naked rpg was considered casual rather than shameful or offensive, so there were a lot of social circumstances in which it was inappropriate or disrespectful to be nude, but people thought nothing of being nude in the gymnasiums and public baths, on beaches and in rice-fields, on boats and ships etc. And the two main non-human PC-able races had reasons to wear little or nothing most of the time. Divers were in and out of the water, so without quick-drying PET terylene etc.

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In my long-running SF campaign a few planets had no nudity taboo, a reverse nudity taboo i. On the other hand other planets had strong nudity taboos.

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I set it up that way partly to give every planetary naked rpg its own conspicuous reminder that PCs "aren't in Kansas any more, Toto", and partly to present challenges to PC who were used to e. Last edited: Feb 10, TheMouse garmonbozia Validated User.

Re: Nudism in Rpg's I've mentioned before that a surefire way to make a fantasy setting look a bit more unusual to a typical American is to include casual nudity and a non-modern view of the elimination of bodily wastes. For instance, having peasant workers strip down to a loin cloth or total nakedness when the weather permits. It's not as though clothing actually helps you to do most of the things they're likely to be doing.

Not wearing clothing also helps them to have less to wash at the end of the day. And the whole thing feeds right into having a culture of public bathing and washing. So naked people work in the fields, then they walk to the baths, rinse off in open view, and then have a quick wash.

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All while casually chatting away with the other naked people. The inclusion of public latrines such as were present in antiquity also tends to make people make a face. Because they were just a shared trough with a cover with holes in it, with no division between seats.

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The whole thing was a lot like a long bench style seat of the sort you see on some public transit. Strangers just drop their drawers or lift their tunics, or whatever and sit down next to one another, in full view, and do their business. I imagine that there's a lot of chatter with people you recognize from your neighborhood. Jerry D. Re: Nudism in Rpg's TheMouse said:.

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I've mentioned before that a surefire way to make a fantasy setting look a bit more unusual to a typical American is to include casual nudity and a non-modern view of the elimination of bodily wastes. Re: Nudism in Rpg's I like having modern American nudity taboos in my games. Like the flying brick super who only gained his powers while nekkid, Skyclad. They absolutely refused to work with him and even now, years later, make the odd check to make sure he's not still around.

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He isn't, but they've got the villanous mastermind Birthday Suit to look forward to With my wife and her friends, something approaching semi-nudity is mandatory for at least one of their characters and they get bored when too many NPCs have too many clothes on all the time. Re: Nudism in Rpg's Skiorht said:. Does playing naked in the sauna count? I've done that more than once with my group.

Besm naked (a stripped-down version of the rules)

Skiorht Despair Shouter Validated User. Re: Nudism in Rpg's Gwydion said:.

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Isn't that hard on the character sheets? Re: Nudism in Rpg's Pyromancer said:. I once heard someone say: "We don't play with women so we don't have to wear pants while playing.

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I know Apocalypse World's Battlebabe has a power where the character gets armor in non-armor clothing, and better armor if they fight naked or almost naked. Are there others? You must log in or register to reply here.

Our thoughts are with their family and loved ones.

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Susanoo Orbatos, who was a board member for nearly 20 years, has passed away. Our thoughts are with their loved ones. Top Bottom.

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