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Monkey island 3 walkthrough

After the opening scene, you will be below-deck with Bloodnose the pirate. Talk to him to realise he is Wally from the game, and he will give you a book before breaking down and crying.

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Talk to the small pirate to discover that it's good ol' Wally, the cartographer from Monkey Island II! Even though it's nice to see him, you're going to have to break his little heart and tell him he's "a failure as a pirate.

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Knights of the Old Republic 2. The Curse of Monkey Island.

It features a more cartoon-like graphical style and is the first game in the series to include voice acting. Once again the story centers on the exploits of Guybrush Threepwood as he attempts to lift a curse from his lover Elaine Marley.

His old nemesis LeChuck is back, along with a French buccaneer, a band of smugglers and some mysterious pirates. The crossbone cursor changes to red when you hover over an item that you can interact with. Clicking the Right Mouse Button anywhere but an interactive item opens up the inventory.

Clicking the RMB on an interactive item performs the most obvious action such as opening a door or talking to someone. Alternatively you can use the keys below. Speak with the Pirate Bloodnose. Pick up the Hook and the Ram Rod on the back wall. Open your inventory and combine the Hook with the Ram Rod to create a Gaff. Use the Cannon to take out the Skeleton Crews in the boats below. Use the Gaff to grab the Skeleton Arm holding the Cutlass. Talk to Murray, the talking skull, then use the Gaff to knock him off the floating wood.

Use the Cutlass to cut the cannon restraint rope and then fire the cannon. This will reveal a Diamond Ring hidden behind the bag.

Pick it up and use the Diamond Ring to cut a hole in the porthole so that you can make your escape. After Elaine is turned into a golden statue take the Glowing Ember on the ground to the right. Follow the path to the right, past the voodooo markings towards the swamp. This will take you to the island map. Click on the ship stranded in the swamp. Murray, the talking skull, has somehow made his way here. Talk to him and then enter the shipwreck. Look at the voodoo dolls on the floor and pick up the Voodoo Pin and the Paste.

Use the Nickels on the gum machine to get a Pack of Gum. For some fun give Murray some of your gum so he can blow bubbles with it. Go back to the map and enter the town.

Walk past the Lemon Stand, you can chat with the vendor if you want, to the large building in the center of town. This is the Theatre.

Pick up the Magic Wand from the vanity and use it on the magic hat. A book will appear. Examine the pocket to find a glove. Walk onto the stage to the right and talk to the actor Slappy Cromwell. He knows an agent who knows how to get to Blood Island but he may not tell you about him. When you are done talking to him leave the theatre. By the sea is a barber shop called The Barbary Coast.

Enter and talk to the barbers. The three pirates are named Edward, Bill and Haggis. Notice how Haggis keeps placing his comb down to look at his book. When he places the comb on the table quickly use the Lice on the comb. The Captain will be thrown out. Talk to the barber and find out his name is Haggis McMutton.

When Haggis looks away use the handle on the side of the chair to lift the chair up slightly. Use the hand icon on the Paperweight. Guybrush will use his foot to knock it off and slip it into his pocket. Use the hand icon to pat Bill on the back. Pick up the Jawbreaker from the floor. Edward will only follow a captain who can beat him in a duel. Take out your Glove and slap him with it. Instead close the box lid of the middle case and select the Banjo behind it.

They are random each time. After the third round Edward will begin playing too well. Take a Pistol from selection of guns and use it to shoot his banjo. Walk back towards the lemonade stand and use the scissors on the flowers at the end of the alley to get an Ipecac Flower. Look at the snake … uh oh, it has you! Open up your inventory to see lots of interesting items.

Use this syrup with the snake head and it will spit you out into the quicksand. Take a Thorn from the thorny plant and a Reed. Combine them both together to make a Pea Shooter. Use the Paperweight with the Balloon and use it. Use the mouth icon on it to blow on it and it will float away from you.

Eventually it will hover above the vine. Use the Pea Shooter to pop the balloon so the paperweight drops and frees the vine. Guybrush will pull himself out to safety. Use your Reservation Slip to gain entrance. Take a Biscuit from the barrel to the right and eat it. Yuck, Monkey island 3 walkthrough Take the Biscuit Cutter and Pie Pan from the shelf. Talk to the man at the table and Guybursh and then push him.

Take the Serrated Knife from his back. Take the Membership Card from the remains of the chicken. Give him the Jawbreaker. This will loosen his gold tooth. Use the pin on the bubble and then take the Gold Tooth from the floor. Use the Helium Balloon to take a breath of helium and then quickly blow use mouth icon on the Tooth in the Gum Wad. Guybrush will blow it into a bubble and it will fly out the window.

Leave the restaurant and use the Pie Pan in the mud puddle to find the Gold Tooth. Go to the duelling field, through the arch to the right of the theatre. Use the Biscuit Cutter on the tree to the right to get a Rubber Plug. Walk up to the Grassy Knoll and use the Serrated Knife on the saw horse.

Use the Burning Ember on the trail of rum. This will blow up the rubber tree and send it into the pile of cabers. Haggis will as the last member of your crew.