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Sure, breakfast in bed is fun and all, but how about adding a new family tradition into the mix for your celebration this year?

It’s not easy being a mother! try out new tasks and find out what your mom has to deal with every day in these mom games.

From all-about-mom bingo boards and customized mommy mad libs to on-theme charades and karaoke, these can all be accomplished with zero budget commitment — and little prep work. And all can be set up right inside your own home to make cozy and meaningful memories mom will never forget.

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Customize a story about your mom — factual or fictional — but substitute key words for blanks. Under each blank, specify the part of speech noun, verb, adjective, etc. No fancy equipment required for this one: In the absence of a proper karaoke machine, just grab a toothbrush as a microphone and belt out those tunes.

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Create grids on each card, and fill them with words and phrases related to mom: her favorite catchphrases, her dependable habits, the characteristics that define her. Give each person five safety pins at the beginning of the game.

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The one with the most pins at the end wins. This age-old party game is completely free and requires nearly no prep.

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Just scribble some ides on strips of paper and toss them into a bowl. Then, set a second timer for the group to guess what each player is miming.


Hilarity will surely ensue. Print out a sheet containing two columns.

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On the other side, list the first names of the characters who played their fictional. Challenge your assembled group to try to match up all the pairs correctly. How well do you really know mom?

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Print up a list of questions for the whole family to ask mom. And when she shares the answers, everyone will get to know her better than they ever did before.

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Ask her about her quirky hobbies, misadventures, favorite foods, and first date. Then ask family members to write down their best guesses on the trivia questions, and award prizes for who knows mom best. Divide your crew into groups and send them on a treasure hunt.

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Give everyone a piece of paper and sit in a circle. Let each person write a line in a poem about mom. Then, pass the sheet to the next person to write the next line.

Seem like a daunting creative task? Limit the poetry to haikus — so each person will only have to come up with five or seven syllables!

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