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Mind control erotica

Is the subject of hypnosis Fetish Fuel for you?

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Mind control sex stories, are those where mind control and even telepathy, is somehow used as part of a sexual act. One of the most commonly used mind control techniques is hypnotizing someone, and then using suggestions to make them perform sexual acts or bring themselves to orgasm while under hypnosis.

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Ad Window 1 new chapter. A teenaged genius uses his knowlege of targeted marketing to make some changes at his high school, and at home. After Class new. The last thing she needs is one of her students coming in to bother her about his grade Algorithm 1 new chapter. B1MB0 new. Jack is a leading web developer at a large company. Jack finds a new app B1MB0 on the dark s of the internet.

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Snap a picture of a lady and modify her digital avatar Becoming Livestock new. Alexis is hunting for a new job after being laid off.

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Surely it has to be fake, but Alexis ditched her interview elsewhere and he to Bayview Cosmetics. The Figure leaves yet another special belt around to mess with yet another family. A Better World new.

‘mind control’ stories

An AI finds out humanity is going to destroy itself, and does the only thing it can to prevent it: change humanity and create a better world. Bimbo Vending Machine new. Call the Police new. Shaylene tries to recruit the authorities to help free her friend from the clutches of a predatory hypnotist. Changing Positions 1 new chapter.

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Livi is an intern struggling to get noticed. When Mr. Geren makes her a special offer, she decides maybe it is time to use her assets to get ahead. Clara creates a Twitter to get back at the bullies that spread lies about her. Compelling Again 1 new chapter.

Contact Lenses new. Tim decides to use his knowledge of Pharmaceutical Chemistry to make his life better. The Conveyor Belt new.

The erotic mind control story archive

Jessie he out on a date with her boyfriend Brandon. She had just cheated on him with his best friend An innocent date turns into horror as Brandon takes Jessie to the Conveyor Belt The Dildo — Cassandra new. Cassandra visits a sex shop in need to replace her worn out Dildo. Embrace of the Goddess 2 new chapters. The high priestess to the goddess of light and love is hearing a seductive voice luring her into the dark. Expedited Treatment new.

A young woman is recruited by mysterious strangers to help them gain access to a more difficult target.

Mind control stories hub

And they need her complete cooperation in a hurry. A so-called wizard tries to enchant a young woman, using knowlege he gathered at the mall bookstore. Friendly Neighbourhood Miracle 1 new chapter. After months of blissful existence as a brainwashed toy, Amy finds herself with free will once again.

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Harmless Wishes Between Friends new. Hierarchy of Needs 1 new chapter.

Erotic mind control books

The High Conclave vs. The Supreme Council 1 new chapter. The High Conclave agrees to take on and destroy a group of rival hypnodommes who have brazenly challenged their position as the machinations of the True Hypnotism community continue. Hypnotist from Outer Space: Unrated Version 1 new chapter. No good deed goes unpunished.

Derrick is about to learn exactly how true that is, when women start speaking their mind to him a bit more openly than they ever have before. Impulse Hypno Games 1 new chapter. Maria Talon had achieved Apotheosis. The Halo had settled into her mind, and her divine commands spread across the town.

‘mind control’ stories

Her will impressed upon the minds of all. The lesson that she wished to teach mankind.

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Lessons Learned new. In her daily live with a mind controlling teacher, Nicole has learned to expect the unexpected. Level Up 1 new chapter. Lifted Up to Surrender 2 new chapters. Ana Fonteyn is a woman with very particular tastes. Kerri is a college student living in a high rise owned by Ana. The Little Black Death new. Milo saves a pet project from destruction at a university science lab, with unintended, sexy consequences for all humanity.

Mad Monday 2 new chapters.

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Masking 1 new chapter. A popular girl named Emily becomes both intrigued and irritated when an introverted classmate claims to be a hypnotist. The other girl is obviously lying to sound impressive, and Emily is intent on proving it. Meeting Dr. George new.

A woman has trouble understanding why she is so attracted to a persuasive stranger. A mind controller recollects his life and sexual escapades on the night of his wedding anniversary. The Mind Controller 2 new chapters. A Misplaced Princess new. Amara is the princess of Ruxpam. The last known surviving human empire standing in a long and bloody war against the elves. Her father King Reginald sends her and the Wolfpack military regiment to check on neighboring kingdom Tion to see if any survivors remain. The Most Beautiful Thing 1 new chapter.

A boy loves his mom. Mother Knows Best softi 2 new chapters. Christine enjoys her life as a suburban mind controller and hopes to have her mind control erotica Rachel follow in her footsteps. New Life new. Pair of Sights new. Sonia, drunk at a party, is a little too eager to let herself be hypnotized by Mia. The Ponytail Express 3 new chapters.

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A guy taking part in a clinical trial finds that his smell has a hypnotic effect on women. Power-Scaled 2 new chapters. Private Dance 1 new chapter. Project Sluttification 1 new chapter.

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A man invents a microchip that lets him control a women he lures to his apartment. An international spy wakes up in the office of her greatest foe.

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Puppy Love GigglingGoblin new. A lonely baker is visited by a sultry, buxom cupid, who quickly takes a liking to the easily-flustered girl—and decides a few little love-potion kisses would make her the cutest little obedient puppy. Quaranteam 2 new chapters. Second Career new. Spanked by my Boss 1 new chapter.