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Malise and the machine f95

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Written by KarissaPresents. It uses an active-time battle system and centers around two characters, Neon and Malise, as they carry out some daring mission in a cyberpunk world. It has all the right ingredients for an intricate story combined with spectacularly drawn art, but everything is pretty much unfinished at the time I played it. In the latest version of the game, I started in a subterranean setting with just Neon.

Hentai game review: malise and the machine

This busty blonde agent is accompanied by a sarcastic robot that reminds me a lot of Wheatley in the Portal games. His job is basically to inform me of what needs to be done.

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Although, the best that the story has to offer is the potential that it sets itself up for. I noticed that the battle system is heavily dependent on cooldown timers.

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The default system has everything in real time but it is possible to change the battle system to turn-based in the settings. Armor damage can occur, and it will leave the agents vulnerable to attacks of a more carnal nature. Speaking of which, these ladies do have an arousal meter that increases after certain attacks.

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Heightened arousal is visible on the characters themselves, as well, which I thought was a nice touch. Outside of battles, the gameplay is pretty much like Pokemon.

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I found the rate of combat encounters to be very balanced: not too many or too few. The first area is a total grind, though.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I imagine this turns some players away. The graphics are gorgeous.

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During battle, the art cycles depending on what the characters are doing and how aroused they are when doing so. Shooting, taking damage, getting captured, fucked and pumped full of cum… everything is represented visually, and this is fantastic to watch the first few rounds. The novelty does wear off, though.

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So enjoy it while you can. This is rather fitting, since I think Eromancer was trying to create a fast-paced and action-packed RPG. So I had to follow a recipe sequence to the scenes I wanted. Each phase gives you the chance to fight, which damages the assailant, or struggle, which just tries to break free without damage.

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Your success rate depends on how aroused you are. The version that I played is the most recent, official update from Eromancer.

Credits & info

I think they intended to combine all of these different elements into one final release, but that never happened. In fact, the team appears to be working on a new game called Pure Onyx now. Highly recommend for all hentai gamers!

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This game has been dead for years. It has been completely abandoned, for the full history on it.

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Do a google search for F95 and this games title. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by .

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