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List of quarantined subreddits

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In the United States, social media organizations are not legally liable for what users do or say on their platforms and are free to regulate expression in any way they see fit. As a result, dark corners of the Internet have emerged to foster communities whose sole purpose is to create and share content that subjugates members of traditionally marginalized groups. We draw on theorizing about the ethics of social media content moderation to develop a framework for ethical decision-making based on transparency, corporate social responsibility, and human dignity to guide decisions about content removal. This article has been republished with minor changes.

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It got banned due to "violent content" all there was was IRA memes.

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We didn't even get any warnings from the admins. Supposedly ban evasion, even though there's never been a subreddit for Urbit groups before. It was banned an hour ago for "ban evasion".

Disclosure statement

It had a total of 8 posts 7 approved, 1 deleted at the time of removal. Isis Chu is an Instagrammer and Youtuber. The sub shared photos of her mostly from her Instagram. It had been gutted over a period of two or three months after several waves of DMCA strikes.

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Important note: We are not a hub for banned communities to congregate, nor do we endorse the creation of alternate communities to banned or quarantined subreddits. Running List of Banned Subreddits. Running List of Quarantined Subreddits. General discussion of reddit's new policies is also welcome, and encouraged.

Controversial reddit communities

All voices are welcome here. Although many of the moderators here have skin in the game, we will strive not to display bias. Know of a sub that's been banned or quarantined that's not in the wiki? Make a post or shoot us a modmail.

List of subreddits quarantined on sept. 27th

More than anything else, we aim to be a resource for marginalized subreddits. Favourite subreddit that you used to be a part of that got banned?

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No, subs that were formerly quarantined and now banned don't count. Now I can't access quarantined subs unless I'm on mobile. We didn't even get any warnings from the admins This may be the second subreddit to be banned in the joe biden administration. Ban evasion sub, probably. Banned for Sort by flair: Quarantined Banned Discussion Unquaran False Al Q: Quarantined?

Quarantined subreddits

What's that? A: Visit this link. Running List of Banned Subreddits Running List of Quarantined Subreddits reclassified is a place for tracking and discussing banned or quarantined subreddits.

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We welcome all content, and encourage discussion and even argument, but we do have a few rules: Obey the law and reddit's site-wide rules. No witch-hunting, doxx, bullying or illegal content.

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Concern and outrage trolling is frowned upon, and may be removed. We'd prefer you discuss in good faith, rather than bitch or gloat that a certain sub has been banned or quarantined without contributing to the discussion. Although we attempt to stay as hands off as possible, moderators may remove irrelevant content at our discretion.

Quarantined subreddits

No off topic content. Keep the focus on reddit, banned or quarantined subs, and the changes reddit is currently experiencing. We don't care about your meta dissertations on the future of the internet and free speech. There are other subreddits for that.

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These posts will be removed, but probably not subject to a ban. Anything goes in the comments. We will not be enforcing language and tone, but try to argue and debate honestly. Moderators reserve the right to remove comments and ban users who are only here to flame and troll or who violate the law or site-wide rules. No links to alternatives or archives of banned subreddits.

List of subreddits quarantined on sept. 27th

Linking to alternative subreddits or communities that violate the Reddit ban evasion rule isn't allowed, nor is posting archives which often contain rule breaking content and can get us in trouble. This is to keep our subreddit in good standing with the admins. Full list of subreddit rules Know of a sub that's been banned or quarantined that's not in the wiki?