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Lesbian humiliation erotica

From lesbian prison slaves to lesbian teachers, this book has it all, contains 20 full stories of intensely erotic lesbian domina….

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Click on the cover image above to read some s of this book! Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. Franklin needs a volunteer for a spanking lesson to get up in front of the adults-only class and learn a stern lesson or two. It just happens that naughty brunette, Gisele, has been waiting for her time to shine. Read as Mr. Franklin ties her up in front of the class, moving from palm to paddle to flogger as he shows her and his naughty students the delights of flogging.

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We sat in silence an uncomfortably long while.

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They snacked and stared at my nakedness at the table across from them. They could see only my upper torso, but what a sight of sexual submissiveness I was: in contrast to their comfortable state of freedom and full clothing, I was more than naked than naked: my shoulders strained, pulled back because of the supe Lyn Jenkins looked out her 21st floor corner office window.

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The crystal clear blue sky was near perfect, the warmth of the sun burning into her face. The sun's heat was almost as warm as her ass from the whipping she took last Friday at the hands of Sue Hopkins. Lyn earned the corner office through her combative, legal acumen.

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She won more cases than anyon I found myself strangely and extraordinarily embarrassed when I saw the leash and collar in Sassa's hand, for I had somehow felt Gloria and Stefania were more like peers and friends, despite my being stark naked and they fully clothed. More feelings coursed through me: excited to see lovely and erotically cruel Sassa, on whom I was developing a crush, yet Lyn rubbed her raw, red cheeks flinching as her hands moved across her burning flesh.

‘lesbian humiliation’ stories

The bench was being placed in the center of the mat while Lyn massaged her ass. Sue was rummaging around in the locker room where the two legal combatants prepared for their match.

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The crowd was enjoying Lyn's predicament of being the only naked person in the building Camilla unzips Fiona's dress and lets it fall to the stables floor and unfastens her lacy pink bra, letting her large breasts fall out, bouncing slightly, her pink nipples standing to attention in the cool of the stables.

Slipping her thumbs inside the edges of Fiona's lacy pink panties which are slightly damp at the crotch, she slides them down her long sle The confessions are usually pretty lame: Wearing make-up or feeling funny while watching Justin Bieber but occasionally you get a juicy one and that's a good guide to who might succumb to my charms. I see Peter, tall, thin, serious, awkwardly raising his hand and I feel a bit sick: it's unusual for one of the boys to confess anything.

Surely he's not going t After they finished breakfast, the sisters walked over to my dirt-and fresh sweat-soaked lesbian humiliation erotica, and Helen ordered me to kneel, knees very wide, hands behind my neck, back arched. This was very arousing to me.

‘lesbian humiliation’ stories

I was so owned, so utterly owned, so naked, and sweaty and dirty and exposed, while they were so elegantly though casually dressed, and I was instan Research That night, after a long day spent thinking things over, Janice lay leisurely atop her large, still-made bed wearing nothing but a short, cream coloured, silk nightgown. Her knees drawn up and parted, the fingers of her right hand gently stroking her pussy, her thoughts not concerned with Courtney's unexpected departure with a sadness as she may ha Summary: Pledge must obey every humiliating task ordered.

A plot summary so far: In Part 1 Sorority Submission Anne, a sorority pledge, fulfills her first task to not wear panties or a bra for the day and wear a provocative outfit chosen for her.

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She is then chosen to be the inspection girl to see if all the other pledges have fulfilled the task as wel Set is a boarding school for mature students. The schools is a performing arts college linked to a University for young women who want to pursue their education whilst still practising 'the arts'.

We are none of us prudes here.

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