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Legendof krystal

The game has been inspired by the original Flash Game.

house gal Carly

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Years: I'm 37 years old
What I prefer to drink: I like beer
I like to listen: Folk

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More information. Select a membership level. Show more. This is your place if you want to shape the game as we go. Polls will be an integral part of the project as time is limited and some decisions will need to be made about which task to tackle first. All the Access to our Discord server monthly One-week delayed download Vote in polls.

Legend of krystal v2

All the Access to our Discord server monthly No delayed download except closed beta testing versions. The Game: LOK: Rebirth is a high quality adult game in which you play as a young female lieutenant, fighter pilot of the Federation.

Sent on a mission on an unexplored planet, nothing will go as planned How will you fare on this hostile world? How will the natives welcome you? Will you survive the In this adventure full of dangers you will also find trustworthy companions, friends, and even lovers perhaps?

But don't let your guard down, this planet has terrible secrets, and will affect you way beyond what you could imagine Planned Features: -Detailed world and lore, with a large and variety of characters and locations. The Team: We are The Tribea small group of developers and artists working together to bring you the highest quality LOK game to date.

Currently our team is composed of: Kuja: The main artist, bringing to life all the characters and the whole world coming out of Vlad's twisted mind.

The legend of krystal vg

Vlad: Project manager and main writer. Let's move it baby! Gizmo: Code magician, literally. That smooth UI? The launcher? The whole game foundation and tools allowing the team to work even faster?

Him again! Compound: Artist and Concept-Artist, helping Kuja to fill those beautiful backgrounds and the whole world with more details and objects. If you find a big pot, that's probably him.

Hop in our discord server for additional information! Downlo: We highly suggest you download our launcher to easily keep the builds up to date. Current Public Build: v1. Hire a second artist.

Our former stretch goal is quite outdated now, with the higher quality and ambitions comes more difficult and demanding work. By hiring a second artist we'll be able to vastly reduce the workload on Kuja, meaning we can make stuff faster. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support in allowing us to work on this project. Your patience and support will be rewarded in due time, but any further aid you can lend us will only make the future game better, and production of it faster.

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