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Lab rats sexy

It followed a group of bionic superheroes who teamed up to fight a common threat in their hometown. After just one season, Lab Rats: Elite Force came to an end on October 22,months after airing its first episode.

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Kid reviews for Lab Rats. Common Sense says Great messages and lots of fun in family-friendly comedy. Based on our expert review. Based on 20 reviews. Based on 75 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 20 Kids say Kid, 10 years old June 11, The humor is cheesy and the storyline was boring, I would rate it 0 stars if I could.

This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Read my mind. Report this review. Kid, 10 years old April 20, Lab Rats This show is amazing!

Great acting, great jokes, great plots, everything! I really recommend this show! This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models.

Helped me decide. Had useful details. Read my mind 2. Kid, 10 years old March 3, Lab Rats Lab Rats is a show that you thinks will be good,and it is at first! Overall Lab Rats is an okay show.

Kid, 11 years old August 7, I love this show! There's an interesting plot, funny characters, and an awesome show! I love everyone in it! Watch this, you won't regret it! There is lab rats sexy, though, so be aware of that if you want to show it to a small. Other than that, this show is awesome! This is the most amazing show ever!!! I've been just rewatching it for months! Read my mind 1. Kid, 10 years old July 2, They also use the term "Sports Bra" to make fun of another character.

But in this show these heroes learn a few lessons about life. If you at least least 9 years old you would understand the life lessons and get that you should not use those mean terms. Kid, 6 years old July 8, Not the bestest show it's ok Not appropriate for kids four and five because there's fighting in it.

Teen, 13 years old Written by DuckCommander13 April 17, I love LabRats This show is really funny and there is nothing to be concerned about. Really cool show I started watching Lab Rats at age However, it's appropriate for kids 9 and up. My parents don't let me watch many shows because some have a lot of "girlfriend and boyfriend" stuff that is "inappropriate".

This show, however, is appropriate according to their standards. Lab Rats is funny and exciting and has many positive messages. The best part is the characters and their unique personalities which makes it very interesting to watch. However, sometimes the laugh soundtrack gets annoying because they are always making jokes. Still, my parents, my older sister, and I all love watching this show. This title contains: Educational Value. Positive Messages.

Kid, 12 years old August 26, Love the show, favorite show on Disney This is my favorite Disney show! The show highlights family, relationships, independence, responsibility, and bravery. A couple of crushes, the only violence is kicking and punching, nothing that would disturb kids, fast-paced, funny.

Must-watch on Disney XD. A couple of subtle jokes. Teen, 13 years old Written by Punky June 28, Really good even for early teens!!!!!!!!!!! I think that this is one of the best shows on Disney XD. I know I'm 13 but still I have 3 siblings that make me watch it and now the only reason I watch Disney now is this fabulous, amazing show.

Kid, 11 years old June 10, I giggled! OK, that was a strange title I actually giggled at a Disney show!

Lab Rats is actually a good show! I love how all the characters have their own personalities and not literal clones. I mean that by the characters aren't exactly the lab rats sexy or photocopied from some randomly amazing show. The adults are strong, positive characters that you can compare to adults you can see in the world, unlike typical adult characters which are either dumber than a sack of doorknobs or nonexistent. The jokes are actually funny, instead of predictable things that you've seen a million times and not wanting to see again.

So, Watch It! Kid, 11 years old April 29, Me and My brother never miss it. It rocks! Kid, 12 years old March 2, Kid, 12 years old January 5, Similar to Jessie,also terrible The stereotyping is so blatantly obvious in this show.

You have your rich billionaire, loser kid, nerd, dumb jock, and i guess you could say they were progressive with the girl being athletic. Consider it a compromise. Also young Sheldon is a good family show. In the time your children spend watching teenage stereotypes on Disney channel, maybe have them switch their screen time to a more realistic show with more positive role models or a YouTube craft.

Teen, 15 years old Written by stuffed animal December 17,