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Kingdoms of lust

The maidens of King's Throne presents an interesting mechanic and appears more than just eye-candy. They can have ificant impact to kingdom power when function properly. Main feature of maiden include flinging with heroes thus bond skillsperform marital duties [1]and pouting [2].

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Rule your kingdom, rule your romance. Play for free now, and immerse yourself in playing as a medieval king.

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The impetous force of king's army can make the dominion raise in tenfold with help of wise advisor and loyal general.

It all depends on the ambition and vision of the crown-bearer to see the house prestige rise or fall. Sometimes ignored, luck will always heavily decide the outcome and justify the effort.

The kingdom icon located in the most left of bottom bar. Once clicked it will brought up kingdom screen where all the dominion showed.

This screen will contain several other features such as campaign story, manor tribute and exploration mission. Earlier campaign story is main source of kingdom exp to increase the kingdom level. It can be accessed from the kingdom screen up to chapter 66, after that it only can be accessed from campaign in city screen. For every of chapter completed the territory once belonged to your adversaries will be added as yours.

This indicated by removal of color block from that territory and plus icon on the territory landmark.

Once all the kingdoms conquered chapter 66 further campaign is just template campaign stage. As you progress through campaign story, you will conquer other kingdoms.

Each kingdoms sometimes divided into of territory and once conquered will provide you with landmark. This landmark [1] is center of your dominion rule and will unlock several features once properly unlocked.

When succesfully unlock a manor, you must as a maiden and a hero so it can function properly. This in turn will gives resources periodically as tribute and must be collected manually through kingdom screen. Each manor give specific resource and can be upgraded to yield better.

Other feature such as exploration mission for the child also available once the manor unlocked. For every chapter completed on that territory also give reward that can be claimed from the manor. Featured s.

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History Talk 0. Westmora finally united under one crown.

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Features. Fan Feed 0 Maidens 1 Morgause 2 Orianna. Universal Conquest Wiki.