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Incubus city cheats

Views: 72K. Incubus City game - Every few years, you have the desire to impregnate women.

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In Incubus City you take the role of a man during a strange week-long change he occasionally experiences. Overcome with the intense desire to impregnate women, he must roam the streets at night seeking fertile wombs to knock up. During these times, he manifests strange abilities like enhanced strength and hypnotism, but the compulsion often drives him to do evil and places his life and freedom in danger. Enter them as your pseudonym to achieve their benefits. Ebeneezer — gain some money Wimpy — lose some money Mortimer — add more days. Pepsi — get drugs Sarge — get keycard Skuggs — get chemical Jill — get lockpick Lappy — get laptop Mairon — get ring Bueller — get car Gonzo — get Dreamochrome Tinman — get token box Quatermain — get red dossier Taverner — get Callisto parasite.

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Porn game: incubus city v+mod+guide by wape

New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Wape Start date Nov 17, adventure anal sex animated big tits blackmail cheating creampie graphic violence group sex harem incest interracial lactation male protagonist masturbation milf monster multiple endings multiple penetration oral sex paranormal pregnancy prostitution rape real porn sexual harassment slave text based vaginal sex virgin.

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First Prev 11 of Go to. Master of Puppets Well-Known Member. Oct 5, 3, 4, Whats the requirement to seduce each of the 5 daughters?

I cant get teh right path for the life of me. Sep 18, 74 Tinman95 said:. I'm having trouble getting ending I use the Emancipator ending to start with a slave. If I just enslave a bunch of girls I've knocked up I usually get ending If I impregnate the slave girls in the dungeon I get ending Reactions: Tinman Aug 12, Wape, do you mind if I post all the cheat codes names I found from looking through the coding, or would you prefer that not be shared? Reactions: Wape. Wape Member Game Developer.

Apr 8, Spoiler: Names of Power You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.

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Last edited: Nov 21, Reactions: Alpha6omegaWrynn13HB38 and 2 others. Mar 6, 17 5. Jul 13, 61 I need help at the end 8, I do not know how to do it.

Xorgroth Active Member Modder. Oct 12, This game is pretty damn rapey but I like it from the fantasy perspective. Aug 6, 19 Finally a HTML game without sissy stuff. I love the game, keep up the good work Wape.

Tinman95 Active Member.

Feb 14, Reactions: negisensei1. Tell the babysitter that you're a relative, watch the movie without joking, don't move closer, try to impress her, then tell her she's beautiful. Go to the girl in love and knock out her boyfriend before he goes up. Go to the sisters, have them study, feed them pizza, have fun under the table, and have Incubus city cheats do the dishes.

This should let you seduce Charity, Chastity, and Prudence although you may want to chose only 2 so that you don't risk a different ending. May 18, 4 3. Need some help with ending 2, chose the married start and went to the drunken lady Seduce but still end up with ending Any idea which step am i missing? Armin Newbie. Dec 16, 62 That ending is incompatible with married start iirc, so you need to get the ring another way. Omniban Newbie. Jul 13, 37 DiroGoodboy Active Member.

Oct 18, Why is that sometimes I can enter the dungeon and sometimes I can't? DiroGoodboy said:. Nov 23, 7 1. Malikythe Newbie. Dec 24, 25 I'm unsure how to get ending 13; my understanding was that you have to be pretty fuckin' evil to gang-rape the daughters, but you need at least a few seductions to unlock mind control to get the mother.

Is there a non-MC way of impregnating the mother, or a not ultra-evil way of raping the daughters? I guess I assumed that to rape them I'd have to be evil enough for the physical power and break their doors down. Last edited: Nov 23, Playing with ending 16 some more, there's a lot of bad info in the guide.

Incubus city - version + cheats + unofficial extended edition + patch by wape

It says "in no instance murder anyone", and warnings not to rape anyone. These are both wrong, as mentioned ly you need to rape at least one other girl to get that ending, and it doesn't matter if you kill anyone. Indeed, I just finished a playthough where I started as the caged beast and got ending 16! Reactions: Gaboris. May 6, 15 5. Really having trouble with Ending I can't get anything but Ending 10, no matter what I try.

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