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Huniepop preferences

Or what gift to give?

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When on a date, girls will have preferences of how you 'act'.

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For example, you will get more points for matching Sexuality tokens with Venus than with Celeste. But the amount of points you gain will drop ificantly with Momo because she doesn't like Sexuality. The girls each have a food meter that can be filled up by buying them food from the shop.

Each of them require at least 1 huniepop preferences bar to give them a gift or go on a date, and at least 2 food bars to talk to them. You can only buy them food that they will like, if you max out the food meter before going on a date, you can start with up to 24 moves!

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You can give the girls their favorite type of alcohol to help you with huniepop preferences dating success, if you max out the intoxication meter before going on a date, you can start with up to 6 sentiment! The alcohol tolerance determines how many bars they get per drink. In the Schedules, you will see some cells are surrounded with a red outline, these are the places where a girl will take alcohol. All this information is available in the game and can be learned by talking to the girls and asking questions about them.

If you ask a girl for a piece of information that you already know, you will not receive as much Hunie from the interaction. However, once you know a piece of information, you may be quizzed on it later during conversations so it's handy to have the information nearby. Each week, the girls have their own repeating timetable.

Huniepop 2: double date – your guide to all huniepop2 girls!

It can be useful to know where they huniepop preferences at certain times if you ever want to go to the beach at night, or discard a fish in a park for example. You will see some cells are surrounded with a red outline, these are the places where a girl will take alcohol - note that Aiko, Audrey, Jessie and Momo will drink on any and all dates. University Campus. Turtle Beach Bay. Lusties Nightclub. This is done by going on dates in different locations - which becomes easier towards the end of the game because you can choose where to go on your date.

Huniepop 2: double date – your guide to all huniepop2 girls!

Corkscrew Carnival. Vinnie's Restaurant. Row 1 Hearts. These gifts can be found in the shop and the stock changes daily.

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However, later in the game, you will be able to order the gifts straight from the collections menu using 10, Hunie per time. Drawing Mannequin. Wooden Birdhouse. Glossy Notebook. Synthetic Seaweed.

Huniepop girls guide – schedule & answers

Row 4 Unique. Armillary Sphere. Cheerleading Uniform. Sentiment Needed. Select An Affection token and every token of that type will be replaced with either a Passion token, a Joy token, or a Sentiment token. Cork Wedge Sandals.

No tokens will be consumed as a result of a date gift being used for the remainder of the date. You'll still get the benefits, but the tokens will remain. When on a date with a girl, you can give them Date Gifts to give you an advantage in different areas determined by which gift you give.

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These gifts require you to spend sentiment in order to use them - which you can do once per date. However, you can use the same gift on multiple dates so don't worry about wasting them! Consume a select column of tokens. Broken Heart tokens excluded. Leopard Print Pumps. Consume a select row of tokens.

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The next Broken Heart token match will count as a Passion token match instead. Consume a select 3x3 square of tokens. Suede Ankle Booties. Consume 10 random tokens on the grid. Broken Heart and Joy tokens excluded. Select a token type and you will not lose any moves until a match is made that is of a different token type than the one you selected.

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Do you believe in extraterrestrial stuff? You know, like aliens and that?

Huniepop 2 double date: all girls guide (what to say & which gift to give)

This is kind of a serious question, but, what are your thoughts on unplanned pregnancies? When talking to the girls, you will either: ask a question about them, be asked a question about them, or be asked a random one of the 14 questions dedicated to each girl. By getting the answer right, you will get more Hunie out of the interaction.

What's the craziest place you haven't done it, but would like to? Have you slept with a lot of girls?

Huniepop girls guide – schedule & answers

Wait, don't tell me Yes, tell me. We sort of grew apart and we mutually agreed that it was the right thing. What's your kill count? How many notches you got on the ol' belt? Is there anything in your past that you're too ashamed to tell anyone? I would say so.

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I've always been good at saving up for important things. What's the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

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Out of all the girls you've dated, who is the only one to change her hair color? Well, I don't know what it might be, but surely there must be something. I don't like to brag I prefer stability. It's important to have anchor down somewhere in life.