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Honey pornstar

She often portrayed the seductress, and in particular for played older women seducing younger men.

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Honey Gold And Nia Nacci. Interracial Girlfriends - Aaliyah Hadid. Honey Gold. Videos 94 Photos Honey Gold Websites: Twitter Instagram. There are 3 videos in which people suggested this pornstar.

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It might be a fantasy for many, but porn star Honey Gold said she would definitely sleep with a fan - in fact, she already has.

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The year-old adult actress has opened up about the personal side of her life, revealing that she actually went on to date one of her fans. Honey, who has a strong presence on Instagram and Twitter with a combined following of more than , lets her fans into her personal life regularly.

And just like you and I, she has good and bad days at work. She said: "For the most part, I love my job, but at the end of the day it is still a job - some days are better than others.

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Understandably, you can imagine that watching porn might kind of lose its appeal for Honey, so she has to mix it up a bit when watching adult films for fun. She said: "I think my go-to category right now would be anything that's animated! That may surprise a lot of people but when you've been in the industry for this long honey pornstar can start to get desensitized, and then you need to start watching some really weird shit to get off. She said: "Not the worst, but the weirdest scene I ever shot is still circulating online and I'm still haunted by it.

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I shot a puppet scene with Tommy Pistol. Honey added: "Would I do it again?

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Was it a fun and unique experience? Absolutely yes. Honey, who has said that although she 'really wouldn't want any child of mine to go into the industry', she does have some tips for anyone who wants to - with OnlyFans being a more simple alternative to becoming an actual actress, saying: "I have made more money working on OnlyFans, from home, from my cellphone, than I have in my entire professional porn career.

She even said that lockdown has meant that more girls have found it easier to make money from the platform. She added that aspiring adult actors should be aware that it's a 'challenging' industry with a lot of competition, that it's important to set boundaries and not to do anything you're uncomfortable with just because the money is appealing, and also to get a therapist who has experience with sex workers.

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She has been very open with followers about her struggles with mental health. In the past, she was treated in hospital after becoming extremely ill, but now recognises those patterns. Honey added: "There are plenty of things that can make my mood worse, I think the same could be said for anyone, but there's a definite difference between that and what makes my depression worse.

It's easy to start isolating and dissociating when things are feeling bad, when really, I should be reaching out to friends and loved ones. And finally, with lockdown putting a lot of strain on relationships - some of us are forced to live apart, some forced to live together Honey pornstar let you decide what you think is the better deal there.

But Honey has some words of advice.

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For those wanting to turn things up a notch, she said: "You can turn your quarantine into a good time pretty easily. Have some wild - I don't have to go to work this morning - sex. Things can get stale quickly if it's the same thing day after day, so now is the perfect opportunity to shake things up in the bedroom. Whip out some lingerie and do some things you've never done before.

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She said: "Well, I know it sounds really corny, but sometimes distance can make the heart grow fonder. And, Honey's final words of wisdom make perfect sense: "Also, cyber sex.

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Lots and lots of cyber sex. Chosen for You Chosen for You. Most Read Stories Most Read. Advert Speaking of weird, Honey also let us in on one of the strangest scenes she's ever shot. Of course, only search for this if you're old enough, but it certainly sounds

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