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Harem king

He lives in Korea. He seems to be a laid back character who enjoys hanging around. But due to his immense strength, he is very confident and wields great authority.

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Uh, isn't it quite obvious?

If I had to place my bet, I'd say that harem king is just the gamer from the future. He could've used some other hack abilities for traveling across dimensions.

Plus the name harem king and the visible attraction of every female protagonist towards jee han also strengthens this theory. Since we know that when he tries to defend a location the world transforms into a tower defense it wouldn't surprise me if when he tried to flirt the world transformed into a dating sim. The Harem King Life Howling And the Wizard Wizardly Tower are just the other two manwha by the same author and has virtually deliberately decided to put them in this world They have stories in their own right.

Just a thought. Yeah I've been thinking dad since the beginning.

Also partially explains the hidden info on the mother. She was Probably in the abyss with him.

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But he doesn't look at all like MC. Harem King's identity. Posted by 3 years ago.

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Don't jynx it!!

You probably have never watched Fate, have you? More posts from the TheGamer community. The Manhwa manifestation of every Gamers dream.

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