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Haramase simulator console

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Enabling the console commands on ren’py games:

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KingsRaiden Well-Known Member. Jan 4, 2, 1, Played the earlier version, and the Trump one, this time I'm using the console commands for money and stamina which is really all you need Though I don't think I ever did the count to get that secret chick. I see the new version has a sister in it, at least I had one encounter with her already. The wiki is sorely out of date, sadly, with most of the new characters that look to be in this version.

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How to enable developer console for ren’py games

Former Staff. Aug 18, 4, 32, Updated Op v0. Aug 24, For you. Reactions: Deleted member Dec 14, 35 Reactions: Forgeshield. Dictateur Active Member. Aug 7, I just can't play this game. Saikuya Not a Weeb Donor. Aug 5, Updated thread for newest version [0. Reactions: KingsRaiden.

How to enable developer console for ren’py games

I thought it was an update to the one I already had. Curses, foiled again! Last edited: Mar 19, Apr 29, 11 1. How do you open the console?

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Also the game's censored despite me turning the censorship option off. If you mean change config. What version are you playing? May 20, 23 I just checked the dev site the links there have been down for a month.

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I have tried to dl here over 5 times only to get partial dl file. Is this looks like it may become a dead game. Hope I am wrong. Thatguy I exist. Aug 5, 1, 3, It was a bit annoying but it was different.

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Personal lives got in the way, some project members have their own stuff going on at the moment. NL is expanding to incorporate more people with more games.

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Aug 6, Phrederick Active Member. Aug 16, They mostly interact on reddit now. You must be registered to see the links. I still like the game, but I've gone through most of the new content already. Too bad it takes so long between updates, but its free so I really can't complain. Jun 18, Phrederick said:.

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Reactions: Masq87 and MSfan. Obrist Active Member.

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Apr 30, I hope that I am not the only wondering this. Jun 4, Can anyone on faster server like Mega PLS? DoranDuck Member.

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May 10, Would love a Mega link aswell. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.