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tight sister Lilly

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My age: 21
What is my ethnicity: I'm from Thailand
I speak: English, Russian
My body type: My figure features is thin
What is my hobbies: Swimming
Smoker: No

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The current still original system is heavily flawed because it just uses relationship to player and slut status as indicators.

cute singles Helen

Code wise there is no actual direct relationship distinction into love or lust despite the variables being there. Thats what i changed in my test so far which still needs to be transferred into common functions that are going to be applied to all NPCs.

sexy girl Berkley

Those variables are declared as Katja specific - they are not declared as global variables right now. Important note - i didnt create those.

sweet latina Marlee

They where already in the game since late !! All kudos for that are going to user Drugas over at TFG who made this excellent part.

eye-candy biatch Rylie

What i have done in my test so far is simply taking advantage of those variables and changing their values as they are currently totally unused by the original code. That makes that NPC immediately behave much more like a living being as yourself. Your arousal drops when you have intercourse - same thing happens now to an NPC. Which is why i also treat it as such now.

dirty wife Paige

So a family member will always be one but friends might change their relation towards you for better or worse. Relationship and NPC Jump to bottom. s 7.

white gal Kyla

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