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Getting to know christine walkthrough

Return to Free sexy games. Re: Getting to Know Christine Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game.

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Getting to know christine walkthrough

Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter N7 Start date Mar 9, 3dcg bukkake exhibitionism group sex interracial lesbian male protagonist oral sex vaginal sex voyeurism. Discussion Reviews 2. Prev 1 2 3 Next. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to. Oct 14, 4 0. Looks nice. LP83 Well-Known Member. Oct 13, 2, 8, Malaka Newbie.

Getting to know christine

Jul 12, 39 Still consider this to be one of the best games in this genre. IdleGuy Active Member. Aug 7, Reactions: buttlovinmagic. Boogie Active Member. Thanks for this, been a while. Was thinking about playing this one again with the release of the new game but was concerned that the renders would be too dated.

Well, they certainly are dated, but the sample pics prove that my imagination was running wild and they are not as bad I had feared. HotDoG Newbie. Mar 10, 18 Dec 13, Thrownaway13 said:.

This is actually the anniversary edition, so they updated it to have all of the features their never games have! In this game we tried to add a bit more characterization and story to our typical "virtual date" games.

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You'll have to let us know if we suceeded. After exctracting to the local drive, please find a folder named 'Christine' and start with Start.

Getting to know christine secret ending

Tlaero and Phreaky. The story and programming were done by Tlaero and art was done by Phreaky. The Anniversary Edition has the original art and story, but I've reprogrammed it to work on modern browsers and add saved games and the ability to export saves. This was the first game where I tried to tell an actual story, and has stayed remarkably popular over the years. Thank you for playing, Tlaero. Reactions: Krull and vcxz. Jun 10, I stole a walkthrough from somewhere ages ago - before I found F95 - Probably that Lagoon place, but I don't recall.

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Sandy reminds me of my wife when younger - if only I could go back 26 years and get those two pissed and locked in my room. Getting to Know Christine Walkthrough.

Mark17 Active Member. May 15, 1, Jan 17, The first very best game I've ever met years ago.

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It made me interested in similar games Cervantes Member. Jul 11, The game would be really good if not this unavoidable last scene ;v.

I realize this might have gotten buried in my last post, but just wanted to illustrate the difference in quality between the images in each version. The Anniversary Edition images have some ificant compression artifacts on top of the artifacting visible on the originals. No es bueno. Reactions: DonV.

Getting to know christine walkthrough spoilers

This combined version uses the updated code and save functionality of the Anniversary Edition release with the higher quality image files of the original. No need to make a masturbatory Sophie's Choice. Reactions: shinonen.

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Boogie said:. Thanks for this. Not being an expert on the topic, it was hard for me to be sure if Tora's overly aggressive compression of images or Mortze's own admission of using lower level resolutions and short render times was the cause of the poor quality images in their games.

They have said that we can't see the difference between the original and compressed images but your sample images clearly show the artifacts that I see in all their games. Reactions: Boogie. DrHojo New Member. Jan 20, 14 Remembering this from PF1 years ago. Such a clever and well written game, with the alternate ending twist available. A classic in linear AIF that deserves a replayat least every few years. Jan 30, 18 9. Mega link is down :cryingface:.

Reactions: SwordandBored Ape Drape Newbie. Oct 3, 84 DOKO link contains a virus. Tlaero Active Member Game Developer. Nov 24, 1, While I disagree with shinonen that, while playing, the compressed images are recognizably different from the original uncompressed ones those images you posted were seriously zoomed inI also don't mind that you made the version with the old images. It should work fine.

I'm pretty sure I didn't change any of the file names, I just ran them through a jpg compressor. Compressing the images was completely my doing. Mortze gets none of the blame. I'm pretty sure that if I made a test that randomly chose between an. I literally stopped playing Starship Inanna because I was annoyed at the file size for the amount of content.

That said, shinonenI'm completely open to the possibility of you having fighter jet pilot eyes that can see finer details than most of us. It's cool that you were able to make something that worked for you. Reactions: shinonenAlfiusDanMachiFan and 2 others. Dec 3, Tlaero off-topic and weird but I'm really geeking out and got nostalgic right now seeing you post on a forum for some reason. Got started with this adult games hobby lurking at shark's lagoon and haven't visited that site in years. Hope you and Mort are doing well and get continued success.

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