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This was a difficult choice to pick four games out of all the games I love, but I managed to pick the four games I believe I love the most. The Wind Waker brought something new to the Zelda franchise with its usage of cel-shading and cartoony graphics that gave us a very expressive Link. I love Wind Waker because it is a Zelda game I revisit ever so often and can replay over and over again.

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Management games are all about being the one in charge. This explains why management games have remained one of the most enduring and popular genres in PC gaming. It helps that managing balance sheets, planning cities, and bossing staff around is so easily translated to the keyboard and mouse. These management games will eat your life away like no other, but every hour spent laying electricity cables, tweaking prices, or adding extra toilets is time well spent, so read on for a roundup of the very finest.

Just remember to try and get some sleep, yeah?

Buy now: Pick up RimWorld and the Royalty expansion. What happens after this crash is partially up to your management skills, but also up to the tragedies that are dealt to you by the AI Storyteller, which hands disasters to you at a regular cadence, ranging from simple thunderstorms to vomiting livestock. So, while you might be up to handling the practicalities of this, the individuals in your colony will all react different ways, ensuring every game plays out differently.

This game has been getting plenty of updates since it left early access. You can read our RimWorld review if you want to know what we thought, and we also reviewed the Royalty expansion as well. The aim is to build your base from the materials across the galaxy, in order to research new technology and ultimately create the Dyson Sphere to harness the power of the stars.

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The only bad things that can happen are that you can run out of resources, or have a holdup on the conveyor belts. Frostpunk mixes management with the harsh challenges of survival games. From the creators of This War of Mine, which is similarly about a group of people trying desperately to survive under horrifying circumstances, Frostpunk deals with nothing less than the end of the world.

The Earth is freezing in this post-apocalypse gamewhich means the group under your control has to build steam engines and collect resources to stave off the cold. Sound simple? As we say in our Frostpunk reviewthis is one of the best management games on PC. SimCuba, if you will. But rather than being grim these are some of the funniest management games out there.

What makes the Tropico games distinct in the genre is that you can succeed by keeping your population happy, or subjugated under your brutal regime. More strategy greats: Read about the best 4X games on PC. Each entry does a good job of improving the formula but Tropico 5 complicated matters by trying to go in a different direction. With Tropico 4 you have the freedom to rule your island with an iron fist — or not. The choice is yours, Mr Presidente.

Despite developer Colossal Order comprising only nine people, Cities: Skylines manages to easily outshine most other city creation sims by taking the genre back to its roots — offering freedom, scale, and simple building mechanics. The smartest idea the game has is disposing with individual building placement. Plus, you can expand your experience thanks to the huge of Cities: Skylines mods available to download for free. : Here are the best Planet Coaster creations. Planet Coaster is the ultimate theme park deer game.

The level of freedom is unparalleled. You can do everything from raise the price of crisps by a penny to create entire, elaborate rides. Planet Coaster lets you micromanage your park at every level, and we do mean every level.

Two Point Hospital takes everything great about Theme Hospital and brings it right up to date. What both games have in common — and what made Theme Hospital so particularly enduring — is gameplay that anyone could get their hands on and enjoy within minutes.

Managing a hospital could easily be made too tricky, or too depressing, but Two Point Hospital makes it joyous. One floor, simple drag-and-place controls, uncomplicated items, and the simple goal of curing patients and keeping everyone happy. As we say in our Two Point Hospital revieweverything escalates after the gentle intro and soon becomes proper challenging — but this management game never loses its humour.

While initially about survival, harvesting resources by hand as you do in Minecraft, and fending off the dangerous wildlife, Factorio quickly expands beyond that. It allows you to create massive centres of industry, with production lines, automated machines, and solar-powered robots. More like this: Check out the best idle games and clicker games.

We live in hope that the developer will actually finish it some day.

Stardew Valley lets you mingle with the locals and take a break from the stress of making decisions. Inspired by the likes of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley has you manage a farm that was left to you by your grandfather, which you can do with whatever you choose. You can grow crops and raise livestock, make a thriving jam business or enter the nearby caves to fight slimes that you can breed. Head into town and you can make friends with the local villagers, or even start a romantic relationship.

There are also quests to earn extra Stardew Valley moneya huge map to explore, and you can work on restoring the town hall if you want to be charitable. Stardew Valley is one of the loveliest farming sims available on PC. Just make sure to manage your time most of all as this game will eat it up. Plus, if you want to extend the experience then you can install a bunch of the best Stardew Valley mods. Now, when it comes to farming, we know little when it comes to the agricultural variety. Which is precisely why Farming Simulator 19 is one of the best kinds of management games: with a deep tutorial that gets us started in one of the most complete farming games ever, we now everything we need to when it comes to owning a real farm, maybe.

With a welcome graphics upgrade to make living off the land an even prettier — if still smelly — experience, Farming Simulator 19 boasts more vehicles and tools than ever before. And, quite literally hold your horses as John Deere tractors finally make their way to this simulation game. The Sims was a phenomenon when it first hit our PCs in While there are four games in the series so far we games that make you cum playing The Sims 3.

The Sims 4 is still lacking a few crucial features, although you can enhance the experience with the best Sims 4 mods. The Sims 3 still reigns supreme for the ability to travel to other neighbourhoods and manage them too, and the high level of both developer and mod support. The Sims 3 is a well-rounded package that still looks good today. When it comes to the best management games, Sports Interactive are a shoe-in for that accolade with each annual entry to their famous football series.

Shouting at your players from the other side of your screen is optional.

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Related: Check out the Football Manager board game. Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis was far too long ago. Thank goodness, then, that Planet Coaster developer Frontier turned up to make a modern version of the classic dinosaur park management sim.

Keeping the dinosaurs happy, and meeting the demands of your department he, is a full-time job. Especially when the Indominus Rex breaks out and you have to send a team out to capture it eats all the tourists. Jurassic World Evolution is a thrilling dinosaur game that will please fans of the franchise. Thankfully, their approach to zoo management games is no different.

The experience for new players has been improved immensely, with some superbly simple tools and a tutorial-cum-story hybrid that teaches you the game while still allowing you plenty of freedom. This takes some of the emphasis away from running the park like a heartless capitalist and ensures the only way to actually grow your zoo is to make it a good place for your animal residents.

So there you have it, ten of the best management games on PC, a genre particularly suited to our favourite platform. Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram s. We sometimes include relevant affiliate links in articles from which we earn a small commission.

For more information. Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. Chris J Capel.

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