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My age: 48
What is my ethnicity: Ecuadorian
My sexual preference: Man
Tone of my iris: I’ve got soft hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My sex: Woman
My hair: Lustrous hair
I understand: Spanish

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Do you have any idea how much something like that is worth? Well, the truth is that the owners of Fuq tube, which looks a lot like iXXXdid us perverts a service by setting up a porno search engine.

Fuq review

They could have just parked a couple on the domain and called it a day. Even a half-assed sex site at that address fuq website have made bank. Instead, we get a massive, searchable index of more than fifty million dirty movies, all watchable for free. A look at the New clips gives you an idea how fast Fuq is growing. In the last hour alone, more than 2, New clips have been listed on the site.

I counted around different websites under the Source filter. There are eleven of them, from sites like PornHub, Porn. I know all the fine fetish folks are thinking, but what about me? Are my needs met, too? Can I watch some serious deviate shit, like some deviate shitting on another deviate?'s similar sites

Well, the answer to the specific question is no, Fuq. They even include sites like FetishPapa and FetishShrine in the search engine. Lumping all three together means they can give you one huge when they tell you how many clips you can find through their search engine. Fucking with Fuq The main of Fuq has a header with a cartoon of a big-titted blonde smiling and giving you double middle fingers. Well, fuck you, too!

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Below that is the meat of the site: row after row after fuq website of porneach represented by a still from a movie. There are listed by pic like this, followed by a text list of Popular Porn A-Z. That one contains about 1,including such deep porno niches as British Skank and Ball Kicking. In the first row ofI see Mom and Hot Mom. The women in both pics are smoking hot. I also see the same grab from the same video representing Busty Teen and Big Tits in the second row. The screengrab for the Gloryhole category had a chick climbing on a chair, screaming at the sight of a dick emerging from a taped-up hole in the wall.

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I needed to see how she handled it, so I clicked it. When you click on a category, it opens it in a new tab. I prefer to right-click for a new tab. It should be up to me when to clutter up my browser!

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I found the clip I was looking for near the top. Clicking the link takes me to Pornicom to watch the video, in yet another tab. The girl has a big, hungry mouth. Since you leave the site to watch videos, you have to go back if you want to search all the sites again.

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You can sort by Popularity, Date, or Duration. You may as well just go visit the site instead of searching it from here. It still is for some people. The thing is, just because the virus told people to go to Fuq. This may surprise you, but there are a few people in the fucking-on-video-for-money industry whose morals are a bit loose. Norton Safe Web says Fuq is safe.

Porn search engines similar to fuq

Pirating software on P2P networks will do it, as will browsing crooked-ass porn sites. Sex movies and viruses are a bad match. STD testing is standard practice in the industry for a good reason. Test your goddamn computer, too! Wrap it up with some basic anti-virus and anti-malware software, for chrissake.

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