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Fuck top

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Top definition.

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Fuck Top. A way that some french people mostly from QuebecCanadathink "fucked up" is written. It's mostly use in a "good" way, to mean that something is nice instead of saying that something is truly fucked up. Bob: Man, This trick was so fuck top!

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Typically used by fangirls and fanboys to describe their favourite celebrity amongst the many that they are fans of. G-Dragon is my ult.

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An expression used to describe something unbelievably amazing. It is commonly used in QuebecCanada, but outsiders rarely understand the meaning.

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The terms are most likely derived from "fuck" and "over-the-top". Not to be confused with "fucked up", an antonym.

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That's fuck top! Fuck top.

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These morons just take what it sounds like and invent their own way of writing it instead of educating themselves and checking what it actually means. This form of writing "fucked up" is not yet widespread but the people that can actually speak english in Quebec fear it one day will be. Mike: Fuck you.

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It's NOT used in Quebecthat's not true. In Quebec, people say and write "fucked up" normally. So don't invent lies please.

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