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Farmers dreams cheats

In a fantasy world that combines medieval and modern elements, you are just a regular not so good farmer, but after a big storm that devastates your peaceful village, can you be the hero it needs? CG computer Graphics is basically only the images and videos form the game without the game files themselves.

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Farmers dreams walkthrough & guide

Farmers dreams cheats New Member. Oct 7, 5 4. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Reactions: Batubatu. Oct 26, 7 1. So uhhh, I just played for the first time, very cute graphic, super nice background songs, love the sceneries, however there are few things that confuse me, 1.

Is the walkthrough relevant? Time is running soo fast when I had no idea what to do, even when you are opening bag, etc. Will the game ends at day 6 just like the walkthrough said? If so then man I won't accomplish anything until day 6.

I'd much prefer the morning-afternoon-evening-night-latenight system where the MC can advance the time manually, or go to sleep to advance the day directly. Overall I really like the game, but yea I just give up with all the quests and rushing you have to do Barioz Active Member. Oct 9, 1, So I guess the walkthrough from OP isn't up to date anymore?

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Because after the hurricane and Dad getting sick you will run into Selena which should happen one day later according to the walkthrough. Prokopije Stupidity Exterminator Donor. Jun 5, 1, 1, This time system is complete rubbish.

Old one was horrible, but this one is even worse than old. It go fast and it can't be paused. Even when I hit esc to open stuff, time goes forward. At least provide pause button, because we can't be stucked to game every second. I also gave up for now, I'll play some farming game on FB sex content is almost on same amounts, but they're not so annoying till this game went few versions forward and hopefully improve. Reactions: xav66ier. Blackula Newbie. Sep 27, 46 I'm having a problem with the first quest.

I'm not getting a dialogue option with Nina's grandmother and she's the last one I need to talk to to progress through the quest. The ridiculous fast pace of time aside you encounter a lot farmers dreams cheats bugs.

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So walkthrough states you should talk to Dad when in bed to get a fence recipe. I don't get one, just a repeating statement about all the debris. To rescue Dad you need to get medicine and food and that requires to go hunting with Aaron in the forest.

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Well, after speaking to Aaron he just disappears. You can't enter the forest alone and Aaron is missing. That means I can't do the quest to save Dad. Just things like that.

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Reactions: Vignum. Fence recipe is now bought from Darius for golds, as for Aron, you'll find him tomorrow during day on his spot. You have medicine for first day as you gain one from elder.

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Prokopije said:. Barioz said:. Good to know, thanks. Speaking of Darius, when I talk to him I get a pop up that a part of a quest talk to Darius is done and I get a quest for the rum. But I don't have a quest that has talking to Darius as a part. Maybe some interfering with some other quest later on? Only quests I found related to him were - rum quest and quest to help him fuck some girls he'll ask for Heather or Mia. That quest will show only if you have non or very little golds 20 or less i think.

Add info about this game, please!

I said no girls for you so I don't know how that quest goes further, since I refused it. Wyrme Active Member. Nov 23, 1, Nov 25, Great game but, as stated by others, the time system makes it kinda difficult to enjoy - time goes by way too fast and trying to keep up with the walkthrough which appears to be out of date with several events staggered by a day is frustrating. Eichered16 New Member.

Musex - farmer's dreams - release 21 update

Apr 3, 10 Farmer's Dreams r3. Reactions: yoyomistro and Centrophy. Jun 5, 67 You can work? Command letters Q and W not working for my. So I can't work to clean de farmland. Excuse my bad english. Centrophy Active Member. Dec 2, Also the walkthrough says something about another quest from Silas Cleaning the village. Was this deleted or does it appear later? Oh and now that you are here to answer questions, is it better to get honor or money speaking of the possible quest of Nina's father. Ignazzio Well-Known Member Donor.

May 8, 2, 2, Centrophy said:.

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As far as I can tell, most images are for Mia and her route requires high honor. Even the old walkthrough assumes you went for Mia. Perhaps at a later update it may be worth it to have high corruption but for now not really unless you want a voyeurism scene or two.

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I also saw in the images that the devil girl shows up and has a sex scene but I'm not sure if that's in the game. I assume if it's there that it requires high corruption.