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Fairy tail pokemon teams

As suggested by Shadelure i made a fairytail theme team.

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As suggested by Shadelure i made a fairytail theme team. The members are as follows. Natsu is a fire dragon slayer who uses fire dragon slayer magic. Based on typing and move sets Mega charizard X is a good match. Also known as titania uses requip magic.

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Welcome to Smogon! Take a moment to read the Introduction to Smogon for a run-down on everything Smogon. Team Fairy Tail The Manga. This is a team based on the popular manga, Fairy Tail. This manga is about Fairy Tail, a guild for mages.

If you have not read Fairy Tail yet you should check it out. Its really good. I may not use every main character because some of the characters just can't be represented with a pokemon. If you don't know Fairy Tail just rate the team.

I've also considered synergy when picking the pokes to represent my characters. The team has also worked well but it needs some help. He was raised by the fire dragon Igneel who taught him dragon slayer magic. Natsu is the hotheaded type who fights for right and his friends.

He has pinkish hair and a white scaly scarf. HIs main way of fighting is fire dragon slayer magic which makes his body dragon-like. With this magic, he engulfs parts of his body with fire and barrages his opponents with uber powerful attacks. It was hard to find something to represent him because there is no fire dragon yet so i looked for a dragon type.

I knew it had to be dragonite. His time of glory has finally come, so why not? Natsu, the Pink Hair Dragon Slayer. Why Dragonite? After one DD his sweeping potential is deadly. Not even a skarm can properly handle Natsu after a DD. A fire punch will do a little over half; a consistent 2hko. Life orb is used for the extra power.

Teams and erza is back !!!!!!!!

Ev's, moves, and nature The ev's are obvious. The move set is standard but i run fire punch over EQ because Heatran is covered by Gyarados and hitting Skarm, fortress, scizor, etc. Erza, Fairy Tail's Strongest Female. Why Lucario? Lucario is, without doubt, one of the best end game sweepers and he has definitely done his share well.

Almost everytime he's sent out, he has killed at least 2 pokes and weekended 1. I have even swept 5 pokes with him. Come in on a choiced poke and SD and sweep. Simple as that. Life orb for extra power.

I can guarantee almost all luke's of the same set use this move set. Ev's are also standard. Max attack and speed.

I run jolly over adamant becuase i already have SD to double my attack so some more speed is very useful. Gajeel, the Iron Dragon Slayer. Why Skarmory? Why not skarm? He's the most reliable physical wall!

With a useful typing he can come in on many things. His ability to take physical moves is just godly. Stone edge from a Mamo? No problemo for Skarm.

Teams and erza is back !!!!!!!!

He can't beat machamp though. But most champs are le and are taken out by Weavile. And dragon slayer he is. Lefties is obvious. Ev's, moves, and nature Ev's are for max bulk and impish nature for more def but less sp. Spikes, and stealth rocks are entry hazards. Roost is for obvious healing and whirlwind is for to rack up entry hazard damage.

A dragon master in fairy tail (pokemon and fairy tail)

Juvia, The Bipolar Monster. Why Gyarados? My combo of Gyarados and Joltoen is simply deadly. I simply send in jolteon on something that can force a switch and sub. The opponent will send in a counter to my jolteon and I'll baton pass to Gyarados. That turn i'll baton pass to Gyarados.

With 1 DD i can ram through teams. Ev's, moves, and nature The ev's are quite interesting.

This is a semi bulky offensive DD gyarados and it works like magic. Nature is jolly because with adamant, 1 DD will not out speed timid jolteons. Laxus, the Cruel, Beastly Bad Ass. Why Jolteon?

Jolteon and Gyarados have awesome synergy. Its not even funny. Jolteon alone was a great sweeper but by using Jolteon as EQ bait, gyarados can really shine. The combo i described in the comments on gyarados works even better if Jolteon is faster than the poke using EQ.

Jolteon is truly a bad ass. If the opponent doesn't have a eletric resist its gg unless they have a snorlax. Lefties are used instead of life orb because sub and life orb would do a lot. Lefties are used to prolong Jolteon's life. Ev's, moves, and nature Max ev's in speed and special attack becuase its jolteon and he needs to be fast.

Timid nature is very important becuase he needs to hit max speed.