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Elana champion of lust red sigil

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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! If it doesn't load make right click with the mouse and choose "play". The game takes place on an island where the lust and passion were removed by the order of a mad King and his most powerful sorcerers. Thousands of years have past but the energy of lust was only separated from the people, not destroyed, this remaining energy condensed and took physical form becoming aware of itself. The incarnation of the lust found a champion, a chosen who'd be able to return this energy to the people.

Years old: 53
What is my nationaly: Thai
What is my sex: Woman
My hair: Honey-blond
My body type: I'm quite chubby
What is my favourite drink: Lager
What I like to listen: Classical
What is my hobbies: Looking after pets

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Somewhat intrigued by the game concept.

Mainly asking as I know way too many solely put focus and effort into the male area :P But yeah, think this game could be interesting. Oh, that said: Will all females be flat endowment wise, or will there be some with some actual labia as well? And the entire stat system seems interesting enough.

Tbh, mainly curious on where the focus will be :P As if it's kinda unisex, or where you chose to put it, that'd be really awesome. It is not planned yet make some option settings were you can choose preferences with the villagers you randomly meet but we probly add it in the future.

It's going to be two kind of characters, common villagers, and singular characters. First one are not going to have much dialogues or story but second ones will have own personality and temper. We want to make the story of the game by these characters and make a wide range of different types of people.

naked asian Rosemary

Sounds like it could be rather neat :P Far too many just slap on standard cardboard cumdump with no self-regard archerype and call it the day. As said, if it goes outside of that, it could be neat to see where it goes. And allright.

married ladies Eden

Makes sense for the first. What kind of fetish can we expect from the game? Any chance impregnation is between them?

Elana champion of lust, chapter 1(updated 05/27/)

Not that I would mind if it didn't, I'm just kinda of a big fan of it. The project looks really nice so far. Not planned yet.

passion single Kaitlyn

You could choose some of our patreon options to add some but we understant that is kind a big deal. We have a lot of work to do yet but maybe we add some in the future :. Can't wait to play the full versionI jacked off so hard ,because of the demo I can't really afford to donate as a form of support but would love to see this project come to fruition. Would the team be interested in any help just checking what english I can in spare time from a native speaker?

Thaks, we appreciate your offer but we already have some help.

And don't worry if you can't donate, it is already great to see people liked the project and you still be able to play the alphas and the game :just a little bit later than donors. I always like to support games that allow more versatility in the types of scenes one can view.

Not planed. Thought about the fairy using the spirit as a magic strapon or somthing but nohting more yet. Even so we are not closed to add this kind of content if we see enough demand or someone ask for it as a reward on our patreon. Futa version of the fairy would definitely provide diversion to the scenes, I would second a futa version, not sure about the gay or male version, but I think there would be people interested in that too! I would not mind seeing gay action seeing how straight and girl on girl seems to be the standards.

Some game developers trash on variety, but it seems you are really exploring a lot of avenues! The game just keeps getting better with each new version. Of course I have to ask about my particular fetish- any chance of seeing some lactation in this game? We try to do it as complete as we can maybe will turn into a curse in future :P.

Since is our first project we are trying to explore as everything that comes into our minds minigames coming.

About latation, probably, but not soon. How does Elana evolve? Also is the 3rd of the skill tabs functional, can you help me out, I don't see anywhere saying what to actually do.

Or do I have to click on it for a certain of times. Evolution is not implemented yet.

eye-candy asian Aleah

We'll probably reach that point in a couple of months. I can't seem to evolve.

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Is it active yet or am i doing something wrong? Hi it will take a while until Elana will be able to evolve. Hopefully a couple of months. If it is what I think it is for now should be fixed saving and loading the game. I would say this game is good, but what with losing influence per day it's only in my Nice category.

Reviews for "elana champion of lust, chapter 1(updated 05/27/)"

Lust has its own spread factor. How about that? Great game folks! Good concept, nice artwork and scenarios!

I know it is not finished but Except that magical actions use both magic and energy while physical uses only energy I would hope that magical actions offer better bonuses but nonetheless, keep it going! I really want to see it completed someday! More or less, magic give more exp.

Here is ok to comment. There is no way to access the mountain yet probably not soon. If you have found the events, for Rala in the forest, Tina in the farms and Aly and Lily in the taven and the observing events too I think that's it for this version. Really fun game so far! Keep up the good work! I do seem to have run into a bug where the description text when hovering over a location, skill or ritual stop appearing, only reloading the game makes the "tooltips" come back. I don't know how to replicate it, but I have in all honesty not tried very hard replicating it either.

It seem to happen whenever I click too much or too fast during a scene. It was a known bug but should not apear anymore but if it does, saving and loading will fix it. You have created a really great game. Beautiful artwork but one question though how do I access the elves mountains in v1.

The mountain will probably not be avalible until Elana evolves still some month left until that. Will still take some months. We want to finsih the first "chapter" of the game before. And rude on Google translation, I am Japanese, I in around you are a lot of friends that are playing this game, many of my friends does not speak English, we'd like a translation Because the translation is or anxiety transmitted but thank you.

We have been asked to translate it to lots of languages but we can't. The game already have, I think, about We don't have enough money or time to translate it to other languages. Will be avalible in spanish, only because we are already writing it on this language.

I've played and enjoyed the game a lot so thought I would give you my opinion on changes or things that have annoyed me. The training minigames are too difficult to be worth the effort. Increasing skills only by a single point is slow progress, but I can't seem to get anywhere on the magic learning game despite knowing what to do the bar is too short and the ticker is too quick.

The fight and stamina training mini game are a little too quick, with not enough benefit to be worth playing. The fish wife mini-game is excellent. While I enjoy the images of different skills the only ones worth using become Rumors and Walk About, as they provide 1 influence per action point. Other skills don't even make up for the added action points with bonus XP. The main event for each location seems to occur a bit too infrequently.

For general questions I was wondering, where is the shop? Which areas currently have main events The farm has the farm hand, the market the fish-wife. Keep up the great work.

Author comments

To get acces to Ralas shops you'll need to complete her events in the forest you'll need the magic skill spontaneous arousal and then an icon will apear in the forest. Hope it help and thanks! Hi, I think there's a glitch with sister Jane in the church.

eye-candy wives Kalani

When you complete her it says there is a ball on the ground which I'm guessing is a sigil, but you do not get a sigil in your inventory. Also, what do they do? I have three of them, would be four if I had Jane's. Sigil form Jane and the functions of the sigils are not implemented yet. Yes, you have to finish some events with Rala, in the forest, so she let you go to her shop. It works similar like the cookies, maybe if you deleted your browser historic or the cookies, or are blocked with an antivirus or your safety configuration, the save file could be deleted or not even saved.

Also could be deleted if you used a ccleaner program on your computer.