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Welcome to legendary hentai torrent site "EHentai"! E Hentai ge hentai is one of the largest and most popular hentai and doujin sites on the web.

E-Hentai gehentai is an imageboard type hentai site where content is ed by users in all kinds of languages and art styles. The first thing to know about E Hentai ge-hentai is that it is huge.

The collection is so big that you might get intimidated when you first see the site, just like how a virgin might get scared of a big ass dick. But don't worry, I'll let you know how to make the most of the E-Hentai system. E-Hentai doesn't quite work like most other hentai sites.

You won't find broad such as yaoi or loli to choose from, but rather everything is driven by the search engine. Luckily, there are plenty of tags and descriptions on all the works so you can go nuts with the search terms.

If you don't know what you're looking for and just want to browse a bunch of porn, things can get a little more tricky. E-Hentai has a Most Popular gallery on the mainbut there's a fatal flaw. So if you read English, always make sure to search "English" as part of your keywords.

As I said, a shitload of content means you'll have to get clever at digging. Just how much porno are we talking about? If you jacked off to everything on E-Hentai, your dick would look like beef jerky by the end.

E-Hentai, just like its sister site ExHentaican be a tough place to find porn just because it's so damn big and tries to serve so many different things. Reminds me of a restaurant with so many goddamn menu items that you don't know where the fuck to begin. So let's dig deeper and see what E-Hentai has to offer us.

I can tell you that the juice is worth the squeeze. E-Hentai is all about efficiency over style. You won't find any fancy web de here, but rather everything revolves around getting you the best porn as fast as possible.

Before we search, you should scroll down and browse the main e You'll see a gallery of thumbnails for popular works, although they aren't organized particularly well and can be in all sorts of languages. That's a major issue I had with this site. I was constantly clicking on shit that I can't read. You'll find information such as date, er, and rating. All the goods here are provided by other users, so don't be surprised if you see some really fucked up shit.

Do you know what kind of people this type of place attracts? In fact, a lot of the hentai here has a big warning that says something like "this shit is completely fucked up. Go at your own risk. I also have to tell you that the ratings are great. The motherfuckers that read E-Hentai are super serious about their porn, and there are enough readers that the ratings actually mean something.

Unlike most other porn sites, you'll actually want to pay attention to the ratings here. Anyway, let's go back up to the main search bar. This is the center of your universe at E-Hentai. You'll see a bunch of bars that help you pick what category you want to search.

The include doujinshi, manga, game CG, Asian, and a few more. In the search bar, you can search things including languages, parody, characters, porn types, and more. E-Hentai uses a big tag system that captures all kinds of shit. There are various filters you can use at E-Hentai that you won't find in other places. First, E-Hentai has a lot of torrent files. If you like using BitTorrent, or want to search big files, you can search by torrent galleries only.

Another key feature is setting a minimum rating. With tens of thousands of hentai to go though, you're going to want to get just the creme de a creme. The comics rated 2 or below are usually ass anyway, unless you have some seriously fucked up eyes. I e want to point out the lo-fi layout. This makes a site a big list of the hentai, thumbnail included. It uses up much less data, but it's also a great way to browse the hentai. If the main site starts giving you a he, try this layout. Like they say, keep it simple stupid! Lots of features on E-Hentai Along the top you'll find links as well.

There is a for just torrents, as well as various user features like Favorites and My Galleries. You'll need to register to use these features. Registration also lets you rate the hentai, write comments, and post on the forum. Pretty standard stuff.

Is up or down today?

Speaking of which, E-Hentai has a huge and active forum. Surprisingly, not much porn sharing going on at the forums. What I Like E-Hentai has a pretty monstrous collection. With so many ers around, E-Hentai is constantly getting fresh shit. If you can read different languages, this is the best way to stay brushed up on e shit. The site also has awesome western comics and porn. I also give kudos to the tag system. The tags almost always point out details like what the bitches are wearing, what skin color they are, and what deviant acts they are going through.

You also get a full list of parodies. Also, the torrent section is godlike. There are surprising amounts of seeds for a lot of this porn, making it surprisingly useful. If you use torrents, check it out. not working?

The content is really random. Not just in terms of genres, but even shit like languages, art quality, art style, etc. I already talked about how annoying it is that they have e in like 54 different languages. This pretty much forces you to use the search engine in my opinion.

Overall, E-Hentai is a hentai library that nerds will love, though not too accessible to the casuals. I suspect that a lot of you will go there, click on a comic or two, find that none of them are in English, and leave.

The Rule 34 is also strangely limited. Maybe I just didn't search correctly, but even popular franchises like One Piece didn't have much doujin. Not sure why, since all the hentai is from users and Rule 34 is some ridiculously popular porno.

E-Hentai also has a bit of an identity crisis. There's a lot of random real porn here that just doesn't fit in.

You'll also find a lot of non-porn content also, which just makes me scratch my head. We have shit like DeviantArt for that, don't we?

Top 10 sites like e-hentai

Still, I'm sure some of you super nerds out there will look down on me for this review. I can tell E-Hentai is really flexible with a great system, it's just a matter of knowing how to use it best. E-Hentai often misspelled as "ge hentai", "g-e hentai", "g-hentai", "e hentai galleries", "ghentai", "g-ehentai" and "e hentia" is also a e source for torrents, which sadly seem to go down in popularity every year.

If you want to find Spanish or Portuguese hentai, definitely check it out. But for English and Japanese users, I think there are better sites out there. I also recommend E-Hentai if you're looking for some real specific shit, but I didn't find it as great as nHentai for casual browsing. Open E-Hentai. E-Hentai One thing: loli seems to be banned.

Whenever I searched loli I got zero. What I Hate There are some downsides to having so much porn from all over the world. Lots of Western and CG content Just a ridiculous amount of porn Can be hard to sort through it all Non-porn content mixed in as well. Rule