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Celeb roulet

If you want to mix things up a bit and see not just celebrity photos, but also sexually explicit videos featuring famous people, you should check out Celebsroulette.

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Celebs Roulette! Pornstars know their fans are ruining their eyesight and growing hair on their palms every time they watch their movies. Ah, the heart wants what it wants, am I right? You know people are going to look for the feature. I do see a pretty delicious cross-section of material currently being browsed. Another pervert is flogging the bishop to Penelope Cruz in Ma Ma.

I had no idea that gorgeous, dead-eyed broad ever took it off in a film. The New scenes turned me on to further shit that turns me on.

How popular is celebs roulette?

Did you know Patricia Arquette did nudity? While CelebsRoulette keeps track of which celebrities have gotten naked in movies, it focuses on famous bro, not dudes. Speaking of, the guy has a real commitment to male full-frontal nudity on the silver screen. Rosamund Pike has this Living Sex Doll vibe about her. Naturally, I had to check out one of her scenes pretty much as soon as I saw her on CelebsRoulette.

The video lo up in a clean, simple player. If I was supposed to see an ad first, my pop-up blocker caught it.

New naked celebs scenes

The scene opens with Pike in a bathtub with some dude. Dude has erectile dysfunction from what I can tell, but I was hard enough to dent a car. At the end of the montage, we get some of the better stuff again, this time in slow motion. Also Featuring… Who? You see them on TV or in a movie first, you have some dirty thoughts, and then you check a site like CelebsRoulette to see if they have any nude scenes or leaks.

The rest of the videos look hot. In fact, some of them celeb roulet like straight-up porno.

Some videos for:

There is a scene from Nymphomaniac on the list. The flick is basically a porno masquerading as an art film. Just clicking randomly on videos, it looks like a lot of the movies have a similar wine-and-cheese vibe. Seriously, Who? You know, celeb site stuff. That helps explain why so many videos just look like porno.

I like porno, yeah, but it seems like throwing that in is adding noise. People are here for the celebs, right? The Top Models are just baffling.

Is celebs roulette safe to use?

Lana Sue? Pau Pappei? Lina Bembe? I clicked Samantha Bentley, because I thought she at least sounded familiar. CelebsRoulette has two scenes with her. Oh, right. Now I know why Samantha Bentley sounded familiar. A trip to the Models section reveals more pornstars, each with scenes to view on CelebsRoulette. The site has a decent selection of pornstars with a ton of good content, but it may get in the way if you want a true celebrity wank session.

Open CelebsRoulette.

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