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Bunny black 3 translation

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The adventurer Dachs had been bestowed great magical power and eternal life by the maou, and in return he serves as her underling. Going from Bunny Black to Bunny Black 2 is a big learning curve. The first problem I noticed was that items, and other key features were not in English. Look for a file called obj file setup click this and the game will be fully translated into English, all items, spells etc. I hope this helps a few people with the setup and the English patch.

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Bunny Black 3 gameplay is still the same dungeon crawling that you might have experienced if you played BB1 and BB2. The only difference is that this time, you get to build your own town. To start with….

Bunny black 3 translation

To give you a better idea of the game, please see the difficulty level below. Ok, why is it hard? This shows you the Map. So Imagine yourself wondering around a dungeon without a fairy. In Bunny 2, you get wild encounters. That is what makes BB2 hard, now in BB3… you get the same.

Bunny black 3 (partial english translate)

Wild Encounters… and seriously those wild encounters can own your butt. So basically, you need to get every crevice of a certain dungeon before your map starts to work. Again, you have a map.

Damn seriously the one who made the battle system and gameplay for BB3 is a Sadist. Fuck them! I finished this game…with a slime in my party.

No Problem! With the help of a lil cute girl named Sophia, he embarked on a journey on how to build a kingdom. You get to have….

Bunny black 2 english translation?

Sounds easy right? The reason is simple, Shia is not in BB3. What went wrong? The story is good but it could have been better. Enhance it a bit more and you get a very nice and smooth loli bewbs in your hands… so yeah It had improvements on the art department so to speak. Special thanks to Connie Wan for helping me translate some of the items and the gameplay settings.

Bunny black 3 – a sadistic game for masochists

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Bunny black 3 – a sadistic game for masochists

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